Friday, November 9, 2012

Kuroda Turns Down Qualifying Offer

Add Hiroki Kuroda to the list of players from the Yankees that turned down a qualifying offer.

I was really hoping Hiro would accept the offer, and return to the team on a one year deal. But just because he turned down the qualifying offer doesn't mean that can't happen still. It may cost more money, or as some have speculated it may only cost the addition of a no-trade clause. Either way I'd give it to him, especially on a one year deal.

You'll find what you want inside, Mr. Kuroda.

As for a two year deal I'm not sure. As a fan I say go for it, as I can't see him being worse than an average starter in 2014. But knowing that the Yankees are serious about getting at or under a payroll of $189 million in 2014, I'm not sure that paying him upwards of $15 million would work out.

We'll be keeping our eyes on Kuroda, that's for sure.

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