Friday, November 9, 2012

TGP Yankees Awards : MVP

The Yankees MVP award goes to none other then Captain Clutch, Mr. Derek Jeter!

How could this not go to Derek Jeter in a landslide? Maybe I am crazy for taking the word VALUABLE into the equation and less of the "sexy" numbers but Derek Jeter is our MVP, unquestioned in my eyes. At age 38 Derek Jeter continued to defy the odds, the statistics, mother nature, and an ankle injury that would just not go away. Not that it needs to be showcased anymore then his "lead by example" character already does but let's take a closer look at Derek Jeter's 2012 season went.

In Derek Jeter's age 38 season the captain went on a full out assault on the all time hits list passing guys like Tony Gwynn, Robin Yount, George Brett, Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, and Willie Mays to name a few. Derek finished the 2012 campaign with 216 hits which was just three shy of his career high of 219 that he set in 1999. Derek set a career high in at bats this season with a staggering 683 at bats in 159 games played. It is astonishing how his body has held up over the years with 2585 games played plus an entire season basically of a post season career. His triple slash this season was .316/.362/..429 with an OPS of .791 while hitting 32 doubles, 15 home runs, 58 RBIs, and 9 stolen bases. He put up a nice 2.1 WAR along the way as well while only committing 10 errors while manning the short stop position.

Could anyone else really ever be our MVP and show as much heart and VALUE to the team then Derek Jeter? I think not...

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