Friday, February 14, 2014

News & Notes From Girardi's Spring Training Presser

Joe Girardi held his annual beginning of Spring Training press conference today and mentioned a few notable news and notes that I feel compelled to share. Did I mention that I am so glad baseball is back? I know I did in my last post but I felt the need to reiterate it, I love coming home and typing out stuff about baseball!

The batting order is still undecided but Derek Jeter is the "ideal" number two hitter in the lineup. That means Brett Gardner is going to be batting eight or ninth for the Yankees this season.

Kelly Johnson is the backup first basemen for Mark Teixeira this season. Johnson has two career starts at first base in his career. Oh and he is likely the starting third basemen too.

David Robertson is the closer. Nobody will say the words "David Robertson is the closer" but they have basically said as much, so Robertson is the closer.

Michael Pineda may start off in the bullpen to get his feet wet and his arm strong. I don't really like the idea of Pineda in the pen as much as I did a Manny Banuelos but it could work, I guess. Girardi did acknowledge that Pineda is a starter and the Yankees envision him as a starter so there is always that.

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