Friday, February 14, 2014

News & Notes From Pitchers & Catchers Day One

My apologies to everyone for the late post but I have a job that actually makes me work, imagine that, and then I took the wife and my kids out to dinner and such for Valentines. Anyway, congratulations everybody we made it. Spring Training officially starts today with pitchers and catchers reporting to camp. Here are a few quick hit news and notes from the day, an uneventful day for once.

CC Sabathia came to camp weighing in at 275 pounds, the least he has weighed since his early days in Cleveland. Some are worried and chalked up his struggles last season to his weight gain but I am not worried at all. Can't blame a guy for wanting to wanting to get into shape for his family and for the rest of his career, not just 2014.

Michael Pineda threw a bullpen session with Francisco Cervelli this morning. Cervelli had nothing but rave reviews on Pineda and how he is progressing and coming back from his shoulder surgery. Great news.

David Phelps and Adam Warren are already throwing to live batters. You also remember that they were well ahead of schedule last season as well. Warren said others were already facing hitters as well but no names were mentioned.

Masahiro Tanaka got Mariano Rivera's old locker. Alex Rodriguez's locker is completely empty, not even a name plate above it. Carlos Beltran got the locker next to the vacant locker. Jacoby Ellsbury got Nick Swisher and Kevin Youkilis' old locker in the corner. Shawn Kelley got Andy Pettitte's old locker and Dellin Betances' locker is next to CC Sabathia's.

I love the fact that baseball is back. I'd rather talk about locker assignments then most of the stuff we spoke about this long, cold winter. Baseball is back ladies and gentleman!

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