Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Alfonso Soriano At 1B Experiment Seems To Be Over

Earlier in the offseason there was talks of Alfonso Soriano taking ground balls and working out at first base to improve his versatility and to ultimately win more playing time. Soriano even went as far as to bring his own first base glove to spring camp this year but the experiment seems to be all but over. Manager Joe Girardi said today that Soriano is unlikely to get a start there or play at first this spring, despite him taking ground balls there in camp.

Kelly Johnson still seems like the likeliest of options as a backup at first base and also expects to start there on Saturday, per Girardi in the same interview. It would have been nice to see Soriano get some work at first base to see what kind of an athlete he could be at first, and a lot can change between the end of the season and now obviously, but for now that dream will have to be filed away next to the one of Mariano Rivera playing center field in Yankee Stadium before he retires.

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  1. Absolutely love Sori for trying. Maybe they just didn't see enough in practice to continue. We've been spoiled by Teixeria's glove for 4 years. I don't care if he hits .220 with 20 homeruns. What he does defensively is worth every penny he's paid. Whatever he contributes offensively is just gravy.


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