Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Potential 2014 Milestones For Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter has averaged 100 runs or so a season in every year that he has been healthy and currently sits in 12th place on the All Time list for runs with 1876 runs scored in his career. If Jeter scores another 100 runs this season that would be good enough for 8th on the all time list passing the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Tris Speaker, Lou Gehrig, Stan Musial, and Willie Mays.

If Derek scored those same 100 runs in 2014 he would become the Yankees All Time leader in runs scored passing Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.

124 runs also gives him 2,000 for his career.

Derek Jeter's hit parade basically took a season off in 2013 leaving him with 3,316 hits and a ninth place ranking on the list. Jeter will probably not be good for 200 hits this season like he was in 2012 but using what I consider to be a modest 150 hit projection we can see that Jeter would be among some big names. 150 hits makes Jeter have 3,466 for his career and sixth on the all time list. Jeter would pass Honus Wagner, Carl Yastrzemski, and Paul Molitor.

Derek Jeter heads into 2014 ranked 38th on the all time doubles list with 525 doubles. Jeter has an average of 33 doubles per season for his career so adding 30 doubles to make an even 555 doubles for his career moves him up to 25th all time. Jeter would pass the likes of Chipper Jones, Frank Robinson, Lou Gehrig, Al Simmons, Dave Winfield, Rogers Hornsby, Tony Gwynn, and Manny Ramirez.

Derek Jeter is nine doubles behind Lou Gehrig's 534 doubles for the most on the Yankees All Time list.

Derek Jeter is the active leader in games played and ranks #37 on the all time list. Another 100 games this season or more and he will jump another 10 slots or so on the list.


  1. Let us all hope he makes good on those milestones shall we. This team needs all the help it can get.

    1. Ken.. I love your posts. You're truly old school baseball. And I really mean that as a compliment. But with all this Jeter bashing, you almost (and I stress ALMOST) sound like an ESPN Red Sox analyst.

    2. Jeff...
      I know I sound that way at times, I don't mean to bash him at all.
      I am a realist, and I have always had to think outside the box...look for every weakness in a person or situation, it was my job for way to many years.
      I admit, I am a bit hard on some players but, the TEAM is my concern.
      He is 40 years old playing SS, not a good combination at all. Every generation needs a Jeter, Mattingly, Munson or Mickey!
      And as Mickey was my hero, I understand Jeter is the Hero of this generation of fans and has been for 20 years. But, all things must end, the hardest thing for a great player is quiting and know when to do it.

    3. I admire the realist in you, because the safe bet is you're right. But let's say Jeter regresses to a .270 BA, with 10 hr, and 50 rbi's. And that is pretty much a regression in all categories. Can you name 15 SS's that will put up better stats? If not, that would at least make him league average.

    4. Jeff...
      Don't we all want Jeter to be better than average? I sure do, the better he can play the more he helps the team. I will always criticize/praise Yankee players, because the news media won't do it unless it happens to be our 3rd baseman. Our players are the say the media.
      By the way, did anyone know that Brett was rated #7 on the over-all WAR for 2010?
      So much for him being only a 4th or 5th OF as the experts said..Right?

    5. I just threw those up as example. I believe Jeter is going to be well above average. I don't think you go from the hits leader in 2012 to a below average hitter in 2014. Jeter has proven critics wrong for years, and I don't expect this year will be any different.

    6. Jeff...thank you for your point of view, it is refreshing!

      One does if one is 40 years old coming off a bad ankle injury and playing SS.

      Again, let me reiterate, I hope he has another outliers year like the one in 2012!
      History tells me (along with seeing it myself) many older players on the way out have one real good year than, down from there. This is why I said he should have quit after his 2011 year. I can understand why he would come back after his injury.
      Just for your information, I hope to come on this site and apologize for my doubts of Jeter...a class act, should go out with class!

  2. Jeff - please understand you are talking to Mr. Reed the Jeter hater. For a very long time he has been knocking Jeter and saying he was washed up.....even when Jeter continued to bat over .300!!!

    The talking toupee will be proven wrong again this season ....when Jeter continues to bat second in the lineup and bat .300.

    1. I hope your right also...even if you do lie a lot.

    2. Fat Boy...
      Don't bother addressing me unless you are civil about it! I don't need Twasp crap from a young uneducated kid as you seem to be, try reading and understanding what you read before you call me out again.
      If you have trouble reading the printed word try the stats page and then tell me where he hit .300 every year. One thing I never do is lie, I can be wrong and will admit it when I am. Pointing out a defect in a player is not being a hater it is an opinion, mine. You may not like it but try reading some of the other sites and you will see I am not the only one that has a similar opinion!
      Your mouth is just like your body...disgusting!

    3. Mr. are just like all the kids who pick on me at school about my weight. A bully!

    4. You are right about one thing .... I am uneducated.....I am 12 and still in second grade. The chairs are too small for me so they will have to graduate me to third grade this year. Hooray!

    5. Do you guys really buy that this is Twasp's kid? I don't.. Not that I care, pick whatever name you want, just saying.

    6. No I don't but if he wants to be addressed as a Fat kid let it be so. He used the same name etc., at the other site also!
      He does the same thing all the time, twist things to fit his twisted mind!
      I will not address him again!

  3. As my dad da man Daniel!


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