Friday, March 21, 2014

MRI Reveals Ryan Has Pinched Nerve In Back

The Yankees sent Brendan Ryan to get an MRI on his back yesterday after "back spasms" kept him from playing in last nights game and the MRI revealed a pinched nerve in Ryan's upper back. This is totally unrelated to the oblique injury that was being described as a lower back injury that derailed his spring earlier in the month, this new back injury just popped up last night sometime.

This means that Ryan will more than likely start the season on the disabled list for the Yankees opening the door for either Dean Anna or Yangervis Solarte to break camp with the team. Very bad timing for Ryan but hopefully it's not a huge deal and he can bounce back healthy. With the Yankees playing 13 straight games to start the season, and a 40 year old Derek Jeter still on the roster, one of these two men could see significant playing time to start the season.


  1. DEAN ANNA, and the Holy Grail.
    Dean Anna wants to make this squad so bad, that he can taste it. I would guess that six months ago,
    in his wildest dreams, he could not of envisioned where he is at this moment. The Holy Grail is within
    his grasp. The guy in front of him, Brendan Ryan, has fallen to the side road, for now.

    Brendan Ryan has a pinched nerve in his back. In my working career, I've had a dozen, at least.
    They leave as fast as they arrive. If Ryan is put on the DL, then this is Anna's chance to shine.
    He has not hit well.....230, or about there, this spring. He needs that to get that going quickly !
    But, he has lived up to his fielding reputation. He needs both his strengths to grasp the Grail.

    I'm not sure where this meteor called ' Anna ' will end up. As a player who finds his way onto a MLB
    roster, or in a dust pale with the old Russian sputniks ?..... Yes, there were sputniks.
    The Grail is taunting him.
    Enjoy the words below.....Lifted ever so gently, from today's LOHUD.
    "Not only did the Padres never put Dean Anna on their 40-man roster, they never even invited him to big league camp. Anna’s first stint in major-league spring training came with a locker four feet away from Derek Jeter. And wouldn’t you know it, Anna actually has a chance to make the Yankees Opening Day roster.

    “Oh man, after I was in San Diego, I don’t think about any of that stuff,” Anna said. “It’s out of my control, I can guarantee that. I just go about my business day by day. Obviously I should probably get a little more playing time because of (Brendan Ryan’s) situation, but I just kind of take it day by day.”

    1. Anna only batting .230 is still better than what Ryan would bring us offensively... and Anna plays more positions. NOBODY on the team plays those positions better then Ryan, defensively anyway, but Anna is no slouch.

      Honestly I think if we had Anna before Brendan Ryan signed his contract extension and we knew what we had we wouldn't have given Ryan so many years (three possibly).

    2. ELLIJAY BURCH...yes, Anna slipped in after the 2013 fiasco.
      Ryan, was the ' lets plug the leaks now !!!! '...Understandable.

  2. I found this article and thought I would post an excerpt from it as these were my teachers (along w/MOM) so to speak;
    Thanks to Jan Finkel
    "Seeing Wagner at bat, standing straight up waiting for the pitch, was to witness raw power. He held his heavy bat (well over 40 ounces) with his hands several inches apart, a grip that allowed him to slap an outside pitch to right at the last moment or slide his hands together and pull an inside pitch down the left field line. Now obsolete, the split-handed grip was relatively popular in the early part of the century. Wagner and Ty Cobb used it!"

    These are the two players I remember emulating as a kid on the streets, my Mom taught me a lot about those guys, and the word was; She had been a player on a womans baseball team, so I was told. True or not?
    I learned how to hit from watching old movies of them, with my hands apart so I could swing without being off balance from either side of the plate. Mom made me learn to be a switch hitter and do everything on the field with either hand. Thus I ended up a 60+ year old Sand Lot 2nd baseman and left handed Closer/Manager in the 40 and over leagues.

    One must remember back in 1944 these guys were the best of the best and among the first five to be elected to the HoF in 1939 (?) two years after I was born.

  3. Holding the bat with your hands apart is a terrible method of batting. That is why nobody does it anymore.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)