Sunday, March 23, 2014

Yankee Stadium Legacy: #8 Earle Combs

Earle Combs got his feet with in the Major Leagues with 24 games as a rookie in 1924 and was ready and much improved in his second season. In 1925 Combs batted .342 while scoring 117 runs in his second season in Yankees pinstripes. That second season was the first of eight straight seasons where he scored over 110 runs capped off by a career high 143 runs scored in 1932. Combs was also a three time AL triples champion in his career.

8 days until Yankees Opening Day, can you taste it?


  1. I have him on my 10 greatest Yankee list along with some others most fans don't think of when they make out a list putting Reggie on it.
    I know, it is a generational thing but, Reggie!? And Babe and Lou down around 8th and 9th?
    Oh well, that's what I get for being so damn old!
    One thing about being old that is good...I got to see the players from 1944 on up. Some of those guys would have been great in this day and age as well as some of the present day players would have been great back then...
    Oh, buy the way if any of you have read up on Ty Cobb the old story of Honus Wagner hitting Ty Cobb in the mouth when Ty tried to steal 2ed never ever happened...but, it was a good story at the time and has been told over and over again, these many years!

  2. I never saw Reggie play besides old tape obviously but he must have done something impressive to get his number retired, no?

    Surely the Yankees didn't retire his number due to two World Series, a few fights in the dug out, and three home runs In a game right

    1. My problem is...Reggie came along when the Yankees were in the dumps. He was a big part of a WS win and the Media had to have someone to write about so...who better than Mr. October.
      His numbers don't come close to a guy we have on suspension right now, the difference is, how the Media hyped them!


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