Friday, March 28, 2014

Yankees Sign Alfredo Aceves

The Yankees have signed Alfredo Aceves to a minor league contract. Aceves will reportedly be able to opt-out of the deal on June 1st.

It was learned earlier today that Alfredo had opted out of his contract with the Baltimore Orioles, and the Yankees swept in and nabbed him for some starting pitching depth to stash in AAA.

Aceves had some rough seasons last year and the year before, so I wouldn't expect much out of the guy. I'm guessing the Yankees wanted him around just in case, as they don't have many days off to start the year. With Tanaka working more often than he's used to (in Japan they pitch just once a week, not every five days), and Pineda returning from two years off, the move makes sense.

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  1. The guy is AL East tested and could easily turn it around. And if he doesn't there is no such thing as a bad minor league deal. I like it.


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