Friday, April 11, 2014

Adam Jones, Please Shut Up

I made the comment on Twitter Wednesday night that I was growing tired of hearing Michael Kay and the YES Network crew talk about Adam Jones. It seemed like every couple of innings we had a new Adam Jones comment or quote we were discussing. Is that all the guy did during the Yankees and Orioles series, talk to the media? It sure seems like it and I wish the guy would just shut up.

I respect the hell out of Adam Jones for his on the field play and all that he does in his community, for charities, etc. but the guy is becoming borderline annoying here. It all started when Jones gave his two pennies about Yankees fans running onto the field, and by the way when it happened in Toronto while New York was up there nobody in the media said a word that I saw, by saying the following:

"They should let us have a shot to kick them with our metal spikes on because it's stupid."

Say what? No LOL afterwards, no "jk guys jk," nothing? For what it's worth MLB is looking into the comments and are considering a fine, also known as a slap on the wrist, for Jones. Jones did do a little back peddling saying while he stood by his comments he did not want to inflict pain or injury on anybody, right.

The very next day it was Tanaka day in the Bronx and Jones had something to say about the Yankees shiny new toy, a new toy he has never faced in a Major League game yet. Here is what Jones had to say about Tanaka when asked in an interview:

"Why don’t you ask Tanaka about me? I’m the one who’s been over here in the major leagues for a while. Congratulations, he did it over there. Don’t make it like he’s the dirtiest guy in the world. He was 24-0 — in Japan."

Bitter much? Well at least he backed it up on the field right? Oh wait, he had two strike outs and a single? Sounds pretty dirty to me. Surely he stopped talking after that right? Nope... see below:

"Am I (supposed) to go home and say I faced Tanaka tonight? Just go throw a party that I faced Tanaka? It's another pitcher. Another pitcher in the rotation. Nothing special to me. It's just another guy that we have to go through to get to where we want to be."

Shut up Adam, your making yourself look silly right now. Take a page out of Buck Schowalter's book, you know your manager, and give respect when respect is due and when you run your mouth be prepared to back it up.

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