Friday, April 11, 2014

Is it a Team or Just Pitchers?

Making our pitchers go out and hold every team to one to three runs every game is not the way a team wins championships! After all, it is NOT the "New York Pitchers"! Last I heard, it was "The New York Yankees Baseball Team"! Team, meaning 25 players contributing to a win each and every game.

We know our starting pitchers have pitched wonderfully...for the most part, this year! We also know they can't continue pitching as they have, with a hic-cup here and there all year. I like all the pitchers we have right now, a very solid mixture of vets and newbies!

I think the betting would be, a break-out for our stunted big time heavy hitters will be coming to the Bronx Bombers soon. If not soon, we will have a lot of spoiled fans very upset.

This is the New York Yankees and we have a right to the Gold Ring, it is in our DNA. Of course some forget we do have 27 in the win column, but they do know about the three the Bosox have had in the last few years...they are reminded of it every day by some Bosox fan or media person.

So, I say, let's get on the Yankee Wagon and give these guys a few weeks to work out any kinks they have and learn each others moves, because they haven't really had much time to work together as a unit.

Looking forward to number 28 this fall, how about you?

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