Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Good Glove or Big hitter?

With the pitchers we need (ground ball types) and have, why do I keep hearing we need this infielder or that guy, they have good offensive numbers and can play the Infield.

If memory serves me correct, we won 22 WS with a good glove and without a prolific offensive hitter at SS.
With a HoF hitter at SS, we have 5 WS in 20 years.
Since our first WS win in 1923 to 1995 we have won a WS on an avg. of every 3.37 year.
Since 1995 to this date we have won a WS game every 4 years.

The Yankees need ground ball pitchers in Yankee stadium right? Well, one must decide, protect the pitching or try out hitting the other team!
My opinion is, get the best defensive SS, let the others take care of the heavy lifting. Getting a .250+ good glove can save the team a lot of runs and with ground ball pitchers on the mound...and, you can keep your pitchers happy!

Saving a run means one has to only score 1 more then the other team defense is a very huge part in any game! And I am a big proponent of defense, one has to remember...defense is only a small part of the game, one has to score runs to win also. We have a team that will score enough to win lower scoring games but once it gets in the 5+ runs per a game it is ?????

When we get everyone back from injuries, things will change but, for is, what it is. Find a way to win is the name of these always!

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