Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New York Yankees Injury Update 4/16

I had to type out a whole lot of these last year so hopefully we won't have to do much of it this season, but we will today. The Yankees have a couple guys on the disabled list or hurting and here are the updates on them:

Derek Jeter has technically missed three games in a row after missing the first game of the double header with the Cubs but is expected to be in the night cap game. I don't think the Yankees would be playing him if he wasn't okay, especially after last season, so that is encouraging.

Brian Roberts has back spasms and is taking medication for the ailment. Roberts is said to be feeling much better and could play tonight if need be but manager Joe Girardi would like to stay away from him if at all possible.

Mark Teixeira is eligible to come off the disabled list this Sunday. This Sunday the Yankees are playing on the road against the Tampa Bay Rays. Teixeira is down in Tampa at the Yankees minor league complex working out and taking batting practice. Coincidence? I hope not.

David Robertson is scheduled to throw off a mound tomorrow while trying to work back from a groin injury. This will be the first time he has thrown off a mound since the injury. D Rob is eligible to come off the disabled list next Tuesday.


  1. CARLOS BELTRAN...if he had the opportunity to sign with the Yankees after 2004, how would
    he be treated today ?
    He has hit 247 home runs since, including one today.
    He could have been the club house leader, either in front, or behind Jeter.
    Can't turn back time. But, I'm very pleased he will end his career here.

    1. He offered us a discount, not his fault. Blame George Steinbrenner and Gary Sheffield.

  2. KENT SEVEN....I do not need anyone to tell what I should write about at this site.
    I am free to comment on baseball, or what is of news to this site.
    Nothing I say is untrue, and if it chaffs you....use Gold Bond, or turn a blind eye. You'll get over it.

    As for your remark..." If it becomes a problem, you will adjust to it, I am sure...or not, your choice!"
    No need to adjust to anything. I have always ignored dumb remarks.

    1. I think I'll use Gold bond, thank you very much Patrick! LOL

      I don't care what you comment on, it's your site as well as mine to comment on whatever you think or wish to write about.
      Relax, and have fun!

  3. I think it is time for Sorry to use a bit lighter bat. Just a bit, because he seems to be slow to the ball with that heavy bat he uses. Oh, he will guess right and catch-up to one here and there but, he is hitting to the right side a bit more and not on purpose.
    My opinion anyhow! For what it is worth...a penney?

    1. Sori has been hot lately, his bat speed has not slowed a bit. I don't think it's necessary, not yet


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