Sunday, April 6, 2014

Should Mark Teixeira Be Considered Injury Prone?

The question is simple, the answer not so much. Should Mark Teixeira be considered injury prone after his latest hamstring injury that landed him on the 15 Day DL? It's getting hard to think he isn't with just his Yankees injury history alone since signing a eight year deal worth $180 million before the 2009 season. Let's take a look at the injury history for Mr. Teixeira as a member of the New York Yankees:

2010 - Game 4 of the ALCS against the Texas Rangers Mark suffered a right torn hamstring. Teix would miss the final two games of the playoffs and the Yankees would be sent home early.

2012 - Mark missed five games with a sore left wrist in July and August before missing 30 more games in August with a left calf strain. The only game Mark played in was on September 8th against the Baltimore Orioles where he re-injured the calf trying to beat out a double play ground ball. Teix came back for the final three games of the season against the Boston Red Sox and batted .281 with one RBI in nine postseason games and another early Yankees departure from the playoffs.

2013 - Mark suffered a right wrist injury while working out with Team USA in the World Baseball Classic and started the season on the DL. Mark attempted a comeback on May 31 but only lasted two weeks and aggravated the wrist injury on June 15 and was out for the remainder of the season. Teix had surgery on July 1.

In the first three seasons of his Yankees contract Teix played in 470 of the Yankees 486 games. The last three seasons he has played in 142 of 328 games for New York. Not a great trend for a guy that still has a couple years left on that mega contract and is considered to be a middle of the order hitter for the Yankees.

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