Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yankees Have No Interest In Mets Ike Davis

Whether the New York Yankees are interested in a first basemen in wake of the Mark Teixeira strained hamstring injury or not remains to be seen but the Yankees were quick to shoot down any rumors or interest in cross town rival Mets backup first basemen Ike Davis. Davis is left handed and as he showed Saturday night with his walk off grand slam has some power. Davis also is a patient hitter that loves to take pitches and walks, two things the Yankees love. Also Davis has a minor league option and could be optioned to AAA Scranton when Teix came back. The 40 man roster spot could easily be opened up with a Ramon Flores DFA, honestly I think the light hitting speedy outfielder would clear waivers at this point. All signs point to this making a ton of sense, so the Yankees are not interested.

Granted I know Davis would not be, nor should he be, option one for the Yankees if they were looking externally for a first basemen but he does make a lot of sense, especially with that option. We all know about the struggles of last season hitting .205/.326/.334 with nine home runs but the 27 year old has a lot of baseball ahead of him. Davis is just two years from a breakout .227/.308.462 with 27 home run campaign in 2012 and would make a ton of sense for depth, so that's why it won't happen.


  1. Of course they don't have interest. It's two weeks, not all season

    1. Which is why I mentioned the minor league option allowing us to send him to AAA

  2. Plus, the Mets are looking for a shortstop. It would be nice to get at least something for Nunez. Nunez and a fringe pitcher for first base depth would be good. They can even throw in Flores to make room on the 40 man.

  3. That's a great idea Jeff. Nunez, Flores, and a pitcher we have never heard of for Ike makes a ton of sense


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