Saturday, May 10, 2014

CC Sabathia... Those Were The Days

I figured instead of posting a meme like I usually do in between our game previews and our game threads but today I am going to try and send out some positive vibes and "juju." Remember when CC Sabathia was a fat cow that could pitch every third day, dominate the league, and throw 250 innings a season without blinking an eye? Well that was when he was in Milwaukee, not while he has been in New York, so here's to hoping that pitching in Miller Park will bring back some good vibes and even better pitching performances. Go Yankees and go CC!


  1. " JUJU "...indeed ! Chaston Charles, has encountered " ....the bad juju, for sure.
    With the weight loss, and a uniform that looks five sizes too big....He now looks like
    the receipt validator, at your local Home Depot.
    If not for salary owed, he would have been DFA by now.
    Yes, bad juju.

  2. Well that didn't work.... shit the bed once again

  3. I hate to post this on Mother's Day, but someone has to. I'll be brief.
    RE: The ju-ju, and Chaston Charles.
    Like Phil Hughes, from 2013, Sabathia is now going down that same road.
    Remember the out cries, and vicious posts ? I do. And, the posters were correct.
    If we had a .500 pitcher in his slot, the Yankees would be 3-4 games better.
    DFA, today.

    1. I have a better shot nailing Scarlett Johannson than CC has of being DFA'd.

    2. She may be a bit on the young side, for an old guy like you Daniel! LOL

    1) The bed comment, if in regards to me, meant nothing. Do not understand.
    2) This pitcher should be DFA. He is beyond bad.
    Another anchor of death, because of money. You, nailing a Hollywood communist, not with standing.

    And now the DL ? Water on the knee is the problem ?...Calling all idiots, to the tarmac !

    1. Screams phantom DL to me, but what do I know. Water on the knee? Really?

  5. DFA, as Daniel has pointed out is out of the question.
    Well, now that we have 3/5th's of our pitching staff on the shelf, it is time for the young, Hot Shots, to step up and be counted.
    Also, infielders play deep so as to get a good route to the ball and cover more ground but, on slow hit balls they go and get it not wait for it to come to them! This is real bad and must be addressed at once! Sunday, this cost the Yanks the game not the hit in the 9th! It has happened 3 times too often this year...pitchers must be really pissed about that by now.
    That way of fielding is Sandlot baseball...not big league!
    There is enough blame to go around, but let's look at the bright side; We are having problems in the defensive department and pitching is watered down somewhat.
    Still, we are winning games, we lose a few also, but that is the Nature of the Beast!

    Will either one of you two, please explain your...." DFA, is out of the question."
    You say it, and then change the subject.

    My case, very simply, is this.
    Sabathia, with the amount of innings he throws in a season, compared with other pitchers
    throwing comparable the third worse pitcher in MLB. Fact.
    Does he almost never, now see, the fifth, or sixth inning ?
    The ERA, and wins, speak for themselves.

    But you two say, DFA is out of the question ?

  7. I am going to give what I think is the answer! If I am wrong, please correct me!
    Designated For Assignment...DFA.
    To be DFA means sending him to any one of the Minor League teams. The problem with that is, he can't be sent down unless he OK's it...which he will not do!
    The other option is to cut him but, we would still be paying the money he is under contract for, possibly as he plays for another team.

  8. SO, ROCKET SEVEN....what you are saying is :
    He will not give his OK, to go down to the minors, and try to correct his failings. Therefore he will stay
    will the Yankees, and continue to be the third worse pitcher in MLB. A real leader / man, would
    not stay and hurt the team.
    Lastly, because the Yankees must pay him, they should allow him to stay, and be an above average batting practice pitcher ? How many teams would line up to acquire what talent he has left ?

    You are not wrong, nor am I right. He will never be better than what you are getting today. Only worse.
    That is my take. And my guess, the Yankees managements also.
    Take care.

    1. I was a bit off on my summation of DFA, read what Danial has to say about it!

      You could be right Patrick, but I think Daniel had it right by calling this a "Phantom" DL. CC goes down for a knee problem and then needs a rehab assignment or...six.
      The only thing keeping CC from making the transition is himself. At one time he had 4 pitches, Fastball, two seam Fastball (sinker), Slider and change-up.
      Being he no-longer has a 92+ fastball, he mush learn to pitch and pitch to spots. It looks like he is still throwing his Fastball way to much without real good C&C.
      He, as have many before him, must have good C&C with all 4 of his pitches...thus, if one isn't working on a given night, he still has 3 others to work with. Also, he must make his slider and change-up into Plus pitches. If he can do that and do it well he could end up with a whole new set of wins for the team.
      My Opinion only, not fact, well almost fact! lol

  9. CC's contract is worse than A Rod's at this point. You are not going to eat that money for that many years for nothing.

  10. Incorrect. Designating him for assignment is basically cutting him from the team. The Yankees have a week or whatever for him to clear waivers and offer him up as a trade. If they cannot trade him and his contract to another team the Yankees have to pay the full contract minus the pro-rated league minimum salary of $500K.

    Which means if we DFA'd him and didn't trade him we would be stuck watching him pitch for $25 million or whatever it is a season for someone else.

    He could always clear waivers and accept a trip to AAA but no way that happens.

  11. ELLIJAY.....then, can not the Yankees just say to him. " you give us a loss every fifth day. Enough already.
    We want you to go to the minors, to get back on track. That way, when you get hammered every
    fifth day, during the remaking of one's self, it wont count against the big ball club. You still get
    paid a kings ransom, and the big club does not accumulate your loses."

    Jeter would do it, why can't Chaston Charles ?

    1. He would still have to clear waivers, which he wouldn't. What team would not claim him knowing that the Yankees are paying his salary for the rest of the contract and they only have to pay him like $300 K for this season.

      He won't accept a minor league outright, honestly he should but he wont.

    2. ELLIJAY....your last sentence, in the above post, speaks volumes.
      " He won't accept a minor league outright, honestly he should but he wont. "

      If this in fact has merit, it is tragic. Self centered, and dumb.
      Everyone of his team mates, and management, know he is dragging them down.
      He has been awful. Not bad, but awful..... 28 hrs last year, and 10 already this year.

      For him not to offer to step down a notch, or two, to try and correct himself, is beyond
      my reasoning. Bottom line....he is the third worse pitcher in MLB.
      And, if he balks about going down, for the good of the him. ( DFA )

    3. George Steinbrenner may have eaten that money, Hal Steinbrenner won't.

    4. There is a way to get around this nasty thing with CC.
      Put CC in the BP and use someone else in the starter role. It wouldn't hurt anyone other than CC and his ego. He could work on his pitches and let it all hang out, and get control and command of all his pitches.
      Just a thought!?!

    5. Patrick, you have got to be kidding if you think Jeter would accept going to the farm. There is a plethora of reasons why Jeter wouldn't go down but the main one is...this is his walk year.

    6. RED ROCKET...if it had to be done. Jeter would do it, to help the team.
      That is what he is, a team player, a captain.


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