Saturday, May 10, 2014

Yankees Won't Shift Behind Kuroda Anymore

The New York Yankees have the second most shifts in all of baseball this season behind the Houston Astros but will no longer shift behind pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda was apparently not comfortable with the shift behind him. This is not unprecedented, the Tampa Bay Rays kind of started the massive shifting that we see today and they don't shift behind David Price for the same reason.

Maybe this is to blame for a lot of Kuroda's struggles this season? Apparently, not that I noticed, the Yankees did not do it in his last start and he pitched the game of his short season. Maybe we're onto something here and that ship has been righted.


  1. Good. I know what the statistics say, but shifts are being over exaggerated in my opinion. People really need to learn to go the other way!

  2. Hey the numbers don't lie. I watch every game, as I am sure you do as well, and I see the shift take away too many outs to argue against it.

  3. I've seen the numbers. That's why I suggest the hitters start doing something about it. If it's the bottom of the ninth, runner on, down by one, with a power hitter up, then by all means, play your game and swing for the fences. If it's the 4th inning, and we're still accumulating runs, then they need to swallow their pride and hit a grounder the other way.

  4. 100% agree. I have zero issue with someone dropping a bunt down and getting a double out of it.


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