Friday, May 23, 2014

I've Got Til 5! - The Horrors of Ebay and Amazon

Every so often I like to go to Ebay or Amazon and randomly search things to see what crazy stuff is for sale. I'm a big Green Day fan, so I'll look to see if there is anything unique and cool that I could buy (or wish I had the money to buy). Heck, I'll type just about anything in the search area to see what comes up, because... like Chris Rock once said... ya never know.

Warning: This video is not edited. However, it's really damn funny.

Two years ago I actually did the same thing (you can read that article here, although you can only see two of the pictures as the auctions have obviously ended), but I think it's time for a new one.

1. I make fun of the pink hats quite a bit, as I think they're ridiculous. Honestly, I don't like any Yankees hat that isn't the true color it's supposed to be. But fine... Major League Baseball and teams like the Yankees should try to make all the money they can. So sell the pink, red, royal blue, purple, green, etc color hats. When I'm out and about and see a person with a Yankees hat, I no longer assume they are Yankees fans, because the Yankees have become something of a fashion thing now. Which is really sad for true fans like myself. I mean, if you're not a Yankees fan then take the hat off! That's our team!

With that said, I can't imagine anybody getting this hat. To be frank... it's hideous. Now it is for children, and some kids like some strange stuff, but that's where the parents have to step in and say "no". Get your little girl a pink hat if she really doesn't want the navy blue one, but those ugly flowers, along with the black piping around the "NY" and on the brim? UGH!

If you still want to check this item out then here you go. Maybe you collect ugly hats, and if that's the case then you'll like thisthis, and this. Oh, and there's plenty more where those came from. Yikes.

2. This one isn't as ugly as those hats above, but something about a United States flag with the Yankee logo on it, and colors changed, doesn't sit right with me. While this country has it's fair share of problems, I'm still extremely proud to be an American. And although I despise the Red Sox, no matter whether the hat you wear has "NY" or "B" on it, when it comes down to it, we're all Americans.

It's like the bombing that happened during the Boston Marathon last year. It was absolutely horrific, and it still bugs me that the scumbag that took part in that bombing gets his face plastered everywhere. That piece of garbage doesn't deserve the press... good or bad. And just like with 9/11, the bottom line is that we're all Americans and we will come together regardless of what team we root for or where we're from.

And that is why altering the American flag like this guy did bothers me so much. And if you expect a link to it then too bad, because I'm not going to advertise the sale of this thing.

Go Yankees and Go USA!

3. I don't get this one. I mean, there is no way you're going to use Yankee duct tape. Heck, I can understand a team having their logo on toilet paper, as rival fans would like to wipe their backside with it. But what use could you have for Yankees duct tape? It doesn't look like it would make a good collectors piece, as it wouldn't display well. And why use it, since duct tape is eventually tore up and thrown away anyway? Besides, you can get a regular roll of duct tape for around a dollar, while this roll will cost you thirty times that amount.

I suppose that some girl could make her prom dress out of it. *shrugs*

I don't know, I really have nothing else to say about this one. I... I just don't get it. But if you do, then check it out.

4. I'm a basketball referee so I've been inside of a lot of locker rooms. If I'm reffing a girls' game that night, chances are I'm changing in the boys' locker room. And I can't tell you how many bottles of Axe body spray I see. What happened to just wearing a nice cologne? Why do some kids, and even adults who want to act hip, have to douse themselves in that God-awful smelling stuff?

So when I came across this Yankees body spray at Amazon my jaw dropped, and shortly afterwards a tear came to my left eye due to the sadness I felt seeing the good name of the Yankees tied to such horror.

By the way, while I would likely shun a Yankees fan that actually wore this, I did link to it as I can see it being a good practical joke to buy a Yankees fan (I better not see any of this in my mailbox).

5. I have never seen, nor do I ever expect to see, somebody put an ornament of a shoe on their Christmas tree. Whether it was a high heel, a sneaker, flats, sandals... whatever. How does a shoe represent Christmas? I could maybe see a boot like the ones Santa Claus wears, but even that's a stretch for an ornament on a Christmas tree.

I completely understand Christmas tree ornaments with the Yankees logo or player on them. You've surely seen plenty of them. But a shoe? It doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe Brian Cashman's wife has a pair of these, and this ornament is a replica of it. But even if that's the case, why would you put that on a your Christmas tree?

Even if there really were high heels like this would any woman want them? If you're watching a game, lucky enough to go to a game, or just hanging out and want to flaunt your fandom, wouldn't you want a more comfortable pair of shoes on? And if you want some that tie into the Yankees, then why not something like this? Those aren't cool looking, but at least they look kind of comfortable and still rep the Yankees.

I may have to write an article about some cool Yankees stuff on Ebay or Amazon for next week to even things out, because I've seen some awful stuff today. Oh well, have a good one and GO YANKS!

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