Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little Things Mean a Lot!

Question; How many perfect bunts do the Yankees, or for that matter, any AL East team lay down a year?
Answer; Very few are perfect bunts, as was done by Claiborne last night! Oh ya, we see bunts, but how many are that good? Most are Sac Bunts to move a runner over, with Claiborne's bunt, it would have been an easy hit by most position players. Not bad for a pitcher and it had one heck of an impact on the, a win!
The little things are what helps win games sometimes! The player that hits the three run home run gets a lot, if not all the credit for the winning HR but, he could never have knocked in three runs without the other two guys getting on base!
Thus, 25 players make up a TEAM not one, not even two or three...25 people playing as a team win.
We have 27 World Series Wins and I keep hearing how this or that guy, won the World Series for the Yankees...NO, he helped win!
One of the most unforgettable, and heads-up plays in the last 20 years was made by Jeter! But, not only did he get in the right position, he had the instincts to make a flip to the other half of the story Posada, the unsung hero!
Team work, helped win that game, not one player...two guys being in the position they were trained to be in at the right time and not giving up on the ball being off line...saved the day!
May I say; two very good players, that don't know how to quit, and will do whatever they can to win.
Fans wonder why some of us are big on Defense, a look at last nights game will explain an awful lot. One bad throw to the 1st baseman and the game turned from a loss into a tie, and a wild pitch turned a tie into a win for the Yankees. Offense and defense in conjunction make winning easier!
The Little Things are the difference between winning and losing!

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