Monday, May 12, 2014

Michael Pineda Begins Rehab Throwing Program

The New York Yankees announced that Michael Pineda has begun a throwing program in hopes of rehabbing his teres major muscle in his back. The Yankees think that it will take more than the four weeks originally thought to get Pineda back on the mound and 100%, not surprising the way the Yankees like to baby their pitchers. Pineda has done cardio and was throwing at 60 feet and feels "much better" so that is a good sign.

Pineda was one of our best pitchers this season, pine tar and all, so the Yankees need him back sooner rather than later with the CC Sabathia injury. Pineda is not throwing off a mound yet and will likely need at least two minor league rehab starts before returning to the majors so Michael may be another month away at this point.

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