Monday, May 12, 2014

Yankees International Spending Plan Taking Shape

A few weeks back we brought you four players from the Dominican Republic that the Yankees were said to be interested in for $2 million or higher signing bonuses and today Ben Badler brings us three more that New York is said to be interested in for around $1 million each. As a reminder the Yankees are slotted to have $2.2 million in international money this year but the plan is go to as high as $15-$20 million in the international market totally blowing the cap out of the water.

The three players the Yankees are said to be interested in are from Venezuela. See below for their projections and a quick bio of them, the article is subscription only.

Miguel Flames - a catcher with raw power that can work the count and can put together consistent at bats. Flames just recently moved to catcher after spending much of his career at third base so the immediate comparisons to Jorge Posada, Peter O'Brien, etc are obvious.

Jonathan Amundaray - an outfielder with a good arm and above average speed in right field. Amundaray has good bat speed and it could translate into some power in the major leagues.

Diego Castillo - a shortstop who is a line drive type hitter and has a very clean swing. Castillo reminds me a lot of a polished Robinson Cano from everything I am reading.

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