Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quick Hit: It's Time To Move Solarte Up In The Order

Heading into play yesterday the New York Yankees had the player with the highest batting average in all of the American League. His name is not Jacoby Ellsbury, it's not Brian McCann, it's not Derek Jeter, or Carlos Beltran, or even Brett Gardner. His name is Yangervis Solarte and he is doing most of his damage at the bottom of the lineup. It's time to move Solarte up in the lineup.

Solarte is the real deal, this is not a two week thing anymore. Solarte has hit the cover off the ball all spring and all season long. Even when he "came back down to Earth" he was still better than a lot of players on the team with the bat and with his glove. I know this won't be the popular opinion but the time has come to put Solarte in the #2 hole and move Jeter down a tad, maybe even flip flop. 

I know it will never happen but for the good of the team just imagine this lineup(when healthy):

Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
Yangervis Solarte (S)
Carlos Beltran (S)
Alfonso Soriano (R)
Mark Teixeira (S)
Brian McCann (L)
Derek Jeter (R)
Brian Roberts (S)
Brett Gardner (L)

This gives you two leadoff batters with Ellsbury at the top and Gardner at the bottom. This lineup also gives other managers a fit when trying to matchup with all those switch hitters. There is plenty of pop in the middle of the lineup, there is plenty of line drive and extra base hit power at the top of the order with Solarte and Ellsbury, and there is speed all throughout the lineup. It will never happen, especially in Jeter's final season, but it's fun to think about anyway I guess. 


  1. Daniel...
    Except for Solarte that is about what I had coming out of spring training. But, as you said then and now...ain't no way they move Jeter down in the order. Oh, I guess that was me, with you and some others saying about the same thing, at the time.

    It sure would be nice, but I have a feeling, if this keeps up and Joe doesn't move the two of them........

    Dum-de-dum, dum...inter Cashman stage left, and says; "Joe it is time to think of the team first, I want Jeter and Solarte switched in the hitting order!" Joe removing himself and chair from the top of the desk, after hearing such blasphemy, gives a huge sigh of relief and says; "Of course I'll do it, I was waiting for the right time that's all!" He goes on with, "One thing, would you tell Jeter he is being moved on your way up to your office, for me? I have so many things to do!"

    And that fans, is your GM at his best, He had to step in once before to talk with Jeter because no-one else was going to do it, even Joe T.

  2. I said and reiterate now, Derek Jeter is the best #2 hitter on the team when healthy and productive. He's not productive so he should be moved down, but he wont. Not gonna happen. We will slap Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada in the face but not Jeter or Mo, don't get it.

    1. Very simple Daniel, Bernie never made a big deal out of it, just a small one! Posada was not what one would call a popular player on the team.

      I'll let the rest pass! LOL


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