Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quick Hit: Please End The Nuno Experiment Now

Before we get too involved here I want to make it very clear that I like Vidal Nuno and I want him on the team but it is becoming painfully obvious that he may not be ready to be in the starting rotation. Please end this experiment right now and put him back into the bullpen and call it a day.

Whether you are a fan of Nuno or not it makes sense to keep him around in the bullpen rather than send him down to Triple-A. Nuno could be the second lefty in the bullpen that the Yankees so covet and could be the long reliever that we have needed far too often this season. You already have the "Mexican Gangster" Alfredo Aceves up on the roster and stretched out as a starter so the replacement is already in house.

Aceves would become of the best fifth starters in the league if he pitches anything like he did in the minor leagues or anything like his first time in the Bronx and the Yankees solidify a bullpen. It makes sense and it needs to happen, but it wont.

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