Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Update On The Yankees Walking Wounded

The New York Yankees currently have four players on the 15 day DL and two additional players on the 60 day DL just on their 40 man roster alone. The list includes Bruce Billings, who I totally forgot was on the 40 man roster, Shawn Kelley, Michael Pineda, and CC Sabathia for the 15 day DL's and Ivan Nova and Francisco Cervelli for the 60 day DL's.

That does not include Carlos Beltran's bone spurs in his elbow that may or may not require surgery, Ichiro Suzuki's sore back, or Mark Teixeira's cement legs and groins issues. 2013 Part II? Lord I hope not.

That is a ton of pitching that the Yankees have done little to replace and it has been reflected in the standings of late. The Yankees are struggling, the pen is tired, and we are losing and I don't like it.

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  1. Yes the only reason I posted this was to include the band-aid picture... sorry if it brought up bad memories.


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