Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pitchers in Demand...Do-da!

Ichiro is day to day, they say with his back, but we did have; Soriano, Brett, Ellsbury and Solarte as players they can put in the outfield. Zoilo call-up is very questionable, at best!

I would like to give Warren a chance to start but, who will take his place in the BP? He is a better BP pitcher than a my opinion! We do need pitchers that throw harder than 88 FB, without C&C. You tell me where we can pick up a pitcher or two that are good enough to play in the Beast of the East! There are a couple down on the farm that Fans think are more than ready but, are they really?
Again, I ask, where do we get a #3 or #4 starter? Ok, there are one or two out there to be had but, giving up the farm for one pitcher is how we got into this mess over the years.
Pineda should be back in a few weeks, as will CC and along with David Phelps we will have a full complement of pitchers again.
Yes, I would love to have another #1 or #2 on the staff, but it AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS!
Cashman wouldn't even consider trading away some of the players that show great talent down on the farm. Brett, Solarte and even Betances would headline the asking price for a good young pitcher. I just can't see the Yankees giving up any one of those players.

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  1. Pineda is a little over a month away but I get your point.


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