Saturday, June 21, 2014

Article Revisit: Yankees Bring Back Tino Martinez?

Should The Yankees Bring Back Tino Martinez?

Let us be clear here before we get started that this is pure speculation and I have nothing to back this up. With that said one of our friends in twitter, because he is more than just a follower, @thisguygd posted the hash tag #BringBackTino and that is not that bad of an idea.

I know the Yankees brass said they wanted to bring back the entire coaching staff, including hitting coach Kevin Long, and have already made good on that promise bringing manager Joe Girardi and pitching coach Larry Rothschild but should we explore the idea of Tino back in pinstripes? This is not one of those posts where Long should get the axe because the team couldn't hit a lick, I understand he far exceeded expectations considering what he was given, I am more going along the line of change for change sake. Unless of course you are convince that Mark Reynolds improved that much under Long then by all means keep him.

Kevin is long, see what I did there, considered to be this hitting guru but holes are beginning to be exposed in that boat. He may be a good hitting coach, and honesty I think he is, but I think it's time to see what someone else can do. Long has not done enough to make him close to irreplaceable like Girardi did and the thought of having a former Yankee during the dynasty years back on the team excites me, even for nostalgia reasons. 

I don't feel compelled to speak on the whole Miami Marlins incident because first and foremost I do not like to Derek on the past much. Secondly I know I do not know Tino personally but without a history of anything like this being known public I personally believe this was an isolated incident and that it will not happen again. Finally I just don't care and I cannot be more honest than that.

This is not a bashing Kevin Long post and it's not a praising Martinez as the messiah post, it's just something to think about. Happy Friday everyone and Go Yankees! 

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