Saturday, June 21, 2014

Orioles Homer Three Times Off Nuno, Beat Yankees Easily

If you aren't convinced that Yankees' Pitcher Vidal Nuno needs to lose his spot in the rotation now, then you never will be.

Going into today's start against the third place Orioles, we all knew that Nuno was struggling, but this was just too much, as the rookie gave up three long home runs in a 6-1 loss.

After retiring the first two men he faced in this contest's top of the first, Nuno surrendered a hard hit solo homer to Baltimore Center Fielder Adam Jones, putting the Yanks in an early 1-0 hole.

From then until the top of the fourth, Nuno actually did pretty well, sitting down seven of eight before allowing another two-run shot to the red hot Nelson Cruz, his MLB leading 23rd of the year.

In the O's very next AB, they'd tack on another duo on a fly ball to left from Steve Pearce (already his 3rd and 4th RBIs of the series), eventually knocking the frustrated Nuno out of the ballgame, with his line reading 6.1 innings of 5-run (4 earned) ball.

The rough outing, Nuno's second in a row with less than two runs of support (Yanks only run came on a Mark Teixeira homer), dropped the youngster's record to 1-4, while moving his ERA down .02 points to 5.88.

Interestingly, it also proved that his struggles aren't because of battery mate issues, as #57's usual catcher John Ryan Murphy obviously didn't play in this one. 

Instead, the recently activated Francisco Cervelli got the start, going 1-for-3 with a single.

The appearance for Cervelli, who hasn't played in a non-pinch running position since April 13, disappointingly didn't include any attempts to steal from the visitors, meaning it'll be a little longer until we get to see his 2014 defensive abilities. 


  1. THE SHORT LEASH : Not to be confused with the short re: to Mr. Nuno.
    I love these guys, but I've seen enough from Vidal Nuno. It will only get worse.
    If they could replace him, they would have. Today, another crack-up.
    They would be in first place, if that was possible. Easy for me to say.

    All things collectively looked at....the squad is doing well. Not great, but they can be beefed up.
    The adjustments / signings they make in the next few weeks, will determine the season.

  2. Did I hear anyone say, "Where is our regular 3rd baseman when he is needed?', no, too bad! We would be in much better shape with him on the team right now! Another old saw is "Do the crime, do the time!" and because of that we are short one power hitter in our line-up!
    Look for him to come back next year, with a new hitting approach...that front leg has been his nemesis for years and, he will not or can't do anything about it.

    1. ALEX RODRIQUEZ, 3rd Baseman....will play for the Yankees next year.
      He is serving his time on the Isle of Elba. But, he will be back.
      For others not to turn the page, is ignorance. He hurt no one, other than himself.
      I look forward to seeing him again. I wish him well.
      So lets move forward.

    2. We should all hope he has been working out and will be ready for next year! He has the talent to play without drugs, he did it it again!
      To expound on his leg lift a bit; many, many of the power hitters before (About) 1980s/1990s moved there front foot or lifted it and inch or so. This guy has progressively gone higher and higher, it should be the other way around.
      I wish they would only play Soiano against guys with a fastball around 88. Another one that won't change with age, it is amazing to me how one can be so entrenched in the "doing it the way I always have", mind set. That has got to be one of the reasons some players are washed up at 33/35 and others play a bit longer!

  3. I have something scheduled for today at noon regarding Mr. Nuno and possible replacements... I'll save my words for then.

  4. I can't wait to see A Rod back on the field. I don't feel good about an aging guy coming off missing an entire season, see Derek Jeter circa 2014, but hey what can you do right? I wish him the best because it's the best for the team.


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