Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Is Dellin Betances The Next Mariano Rivera? Maybe..

"Yo, that makes me Graeme Lloyd right?" - Manny Banuelos

I know I am pulling this way out of left field here and I realize that this may be way off based but the similarities are too close to ignore. Do we remember way back in 1995 and prior to that when Mariano Rivera was a starting pitcher, a bad one at that, and he was moved to the bullpen for the 1996 season? Mariano Rivera flourished behind a soon to be free agent closer John Wetteland that liked to nibble too much but still got the job done. Long story short the Yankees got their ring in 1996, Wetteland walked via free agency before 1997, and Rivera took over as the closer from 1997 until this season when he retired.

Enter 2014 when we have all been entertained by the fireman Dellin Betances coming out of the bullpen pitching multiple innings and striking out the world. Betances is a "failed" starter that was put into the bullpen as a last ditch effort, sound familiar? Betances is pitching behind our closer in David Robertson that is set to be a free agent after the 2014 season. Sound familiar again?

I realize that Wetteland was a little bit older than Robertson will be as a free agent this season and the Yankees were a little more frugal back then but still, does lightning strike twice? Ask me again after we win the World Series.

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  1. I don't think it is a bad comparison at all, Man-bam is not going to cut it as a starter (my opinion) and he has good stuff. Have him set-up for "The Monster" Dillin.
    If we need him next year, Warren could move into the rotation. I think Warren may be the better pitcher between he and Phelps! Move Phelps to the BP and he would pick-up a bit more zip on his fastball...that is all he needs to become a better asset to the team.
    One thing to remember for next year is, CC and Pineda will be back and take up a spot in the rotation, maybe even this year yet.
    We have a projected line-up for next year of Tanaka, Pineda, Nova, CC and maybe Warren, Whitley and/or, ???!


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