Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Not Great News On The Michael Pineda Front

The New York Yankees have not given a timetable for the return of Michael Pineda but it cannot be anytime soon as he was transferred to the 60 day DL today. Pineda has been on the disabled list since May 6 officially so it has not even been a month yet. With Pineda's latest setback the transfer is not all that surprising but it sounds like a much longer time he will be out when you get put on the 60 day DL.

Presumably Pineda was transferred to give recently claimed Wade LeBlanc a 40 man roster spot. Not great news on the Pineda front, not great news at all.


  1. " Play it again, Joe."
    Performed by Lack Luster & The New Kyle Farnsworths.

  2. ROBERT REFSNYDER....2nd. Baseman.
    A shooting star, with an attitude. Sooner, rather than later.
    WADE LeBLANC...the end to the Mexican Gangster. More cannon fodder, like 2013.

    My beach season starts on Saturday. Miles of clothing optional beaches, to rid me of
    the reenactment of 2013.
    Really, Wade LeBlanc ?

    1. Can't be any worse than Aceves. Then again neither could Pat Venditte and he throws with both arms... talk about versatility.

  3. COWGIRLS....that's you. We are 1/3 into the season, and are just a lack luster .500 team.
    No light at the end of the tunnel, and I hope none of you are waiting for the trade deadline. I am
    not......no chips to bargain with. And, for what ?
    So, if you were GM...what would you do ?

    As for patrick...this team has reached it's high water mark. It is, what it is.
    Trade the ' so called talent ' for a stud pitcher, and get the squad younger...now !
    I dread writing in the dead of winter again...of what the team should do.

    AN OBSERVATION : Take it as you will .........
    To continue to write about dead players, from 50-60 yearsago, is killing this site. Turn the page....please.
    Your new recruit posters, could care less.
    Even Cialis will not help.

    1. I get more views on my history posts most days then regular posts... just saying.

    2. Right, if the fans aren't aware of some of the great, and near great Yankees, how would they understand how Mel Stottlemyre is regarded as a top of the line pitcher. I mean, his record was only 164 and 139. One says, "Say what", how can this be so?
      It is very simple, he was on one of the worse Yankee teams ever, over a stretch of 10-12 years!


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