Sunday, June 29, 2014

Quick Hit: Getting Back On Track

I want to start this day off by sincerely apologizing to our readers and our friends, work has been killing me this week and taking up much of the time I have allotted for this blog. We have been doing inventory at work which means all hands are on deck, whether you work the production lines, work in the office like myself, or clean the toilets, you're doing inventory and helping reconcile the inventory. Anyway after a few consecutive 11+ hour days and the rest of my day spent sleeping and spending time with my babies I have neglected you guys, and I apologize.

Inventory is done, I am as well rested as a guy can be with two kids (one of them being a seven month old),p and I am ready to get caught up and get back on track. Be sure to check in for tonight's ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game against the Boston Red Sox, I plan on live tweeting the game.

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