Friday, June 6, 2014

Royals' Starter Guthrie Excited to Face Jeter

During his time with the Orioles, Royals Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie faced Derek Jeter multiple times.

The 35-year-old starter, who played for Baltimore from 2007-2011, will go up against the Yankees' Shortstop for possibly the last time in his career tonight, when the Yanks and Royals begin a four-game weekend series. 

Going into the outing, Guthrie is admittedly excited to go up against the future HOF, something he recently revealed to's Adam Lichtenstein.

"He's someone I've always enjoyed facing," Guthrie said. "I watched him as a kid growing up and I think he's had a tremendous career. Obviously, he's done everything right on and off the field for the most part, and some kids look up to him as a role model."

As of now, both teams playing in the contest could use a victory, with the Bombers currently sitting at 30-29 and KC 29-31.

To go along with those bad records, both clubs also have low power numbers, with New York First Basemen Mark Teixeira (10) being the only man on either roster with 10+ home runs.

In other words, this set should be one of pitching duels, beginning with this evening's Whitley-Guthrie matchup, where Whitley will again go for career win #1.

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