Saturday, July 12, 2014

Greene: Playing for the Yankees "a Dream Come True"

Whether you think he's the reliable pitcher the Yankees have been looking for or not, you can't help but like what Shane Greene has done since being brought up to the majors. 

Greene, a 25-year-old prospect from Florida, has won each of his first two starts since joining the big-league team last Monday, making him the only Bomber to do so this season.

Still, accomplishing that hasn't made the whole experience any less amazing for the youngster, who told after beating the Orioles yesterday that playing professionally in the Bronx has been "a dream come true."

"A dream come true," Greene said when asked what it feels like to be a Yankee. "It means a lot that I got the opportunity and it means a lot that I can come up here and help the team win."

Currently, production from Greene and fellow Triple-A call-up Chase Whitley is needed if the Pinstripes are going to make the playoffs this year, something that you'd expect would stress them out.

However, for some reason that hasn't been the case yet, a break the Yankees will surely accept, as the recent injury to Masahiro Tanaka has made their rotation's future unknown. 


  1. YOU HAVE SIXTY answer this not so tuff question :
    What major league team averages 1.29 runs, through innings 6-9 ? (The lowest in MLB )....begin.

    Times-up ! Yes, you are all on point !.....the New York Yankees. Shouldn't this be addressed ?

    1. Yes it should, but it won't. Cashman wants pitching, washed up pitching like Jeff Francis and Brandon McCarthy

  2. SPAM REED....what a great blogging name !

    1. Well, it's as good as any other, and not as bad as some I have had!
      What's up Patrick?
      I just got through with my creek in the back yard. Had to move some Rocks and sod to bring it up higher. Damn, that was a hell of a lot of work, took me all of the spring and summer!
      You do that stuff for a living? Good thing you are 30 years younger than I am!
      Have a good one!

    2. SPAMMER ....good to hear from you. Watch out for those tics. Had one back in April.
      At first I could only extract half of it. Had this fear of lime disease, so I poured beer on it.
      Irish first aid, saved the day.
      Thirty years younger than you ? You know better. More like sixty.
      See you later.

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  4. MATT DALEY....Long Island's Matt Daley, and Yankee DFA.
    First Balfour, now Daley. That leaves only Brian Roberts, from those I wished would be Yankees,
    from way back in the dark of winter. The winter of the ' polar vortex.'

    Why did they bring Daley up the other day ? To save a dime ?


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