Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Daily Half Dozen - July 23, 2014

(Twelve Six Takeaways from Tonight's Game - July 23rd, 2014)

1. If you are going to give up hits...give up singles.  Yes, it can be a grind that way, but taking away the threat of the long ball can remove the threat of a big inning.  Phelps did exactly that tonight and spread out 4 singles in the first 4 innings of play to beat Yu Darvish.
"I beat you fair and square Yu!" (Source of Photo:

2. Usually Yu can't give Darvish any room to breathe whatsoever or Yu are done.  However, something seems to have clicked with this team in the last 2 days that reminds me of the 2009 team and the team of the late 90's.  There are an awful lot of "journeymen" type players that are battling each night and building up a resume of comebacks that has really impressed me.  I know I'm pretty sarcastic about them being the "Bronx Bombless" and all, but when guys like Gardner and Cervelli perform it just feels right.

3. A balk and a bomb was all the Yanks needed.  What an inning in the 3rd with Cervelli getting the double and Gardner "blasting" his 10th of the season.  Gardner has been the only sizable investment this year that has actually been worth the contract.  Couldn't be working out for a better guy.
He'll be doing this in Roll Call for years to come.

4. The Yankees had 4 hits tonight and they were all of the extra-base variety.  The best part of it all is they happened when it mattered.  There hasn't been much of that going on, but with Gardner, Cervelli, Ellsbury, and McCann starting to stroke the ball, I see good things in their future.

5. Chase Headley strikes out a lot.  This was pointed out by Burch during the game but it bears repeating.  Those expecting him to hit .300 should drop their expectations quickly.  Yes he was the hero of last night's game but it was in his third opportunity to do so.  The times before he 1) struck out, 2) grounded out, and 3) hit into a fielder's choice.  Expect him to be a .250 hitter and strike out 1 to 2 times a game and come up with an occasional big hit.  Hopefully the Gardner Gatorade Bath variety.

6. Francisco Cervelli should be nicknamed the Darvish Killer.  He single-handedly gave Darvish the loss tonight in a rain-shortened affair.  Two doubles and he scored on a balk.  He ended the game standing on second base ( a phantom runner).

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