Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yangervis Solarte Won't Be Hurt By PETCO Park

Earlier today we took a look at Chase Headley and how much, or how little, Yankee Stadium will help his production for the rest of the season so why not look at Yangervis Solarte in PETCO? I know Solarte is no longer a Yankee but I still support him and his family, they were always generous and all around great people on Twitter and I can't turn the page that easily.

The general consensus is that your production would suffer after making a move from Yankee Stadium to PETCO but BIP locations once again disagree. You have to wonder how much moving the walls in last year factored into these BIP locations today. Either way let's take a look at Solarte's hits in Yankee Stadium and what they would look like in San Diego:

Dark Blue represents home runs
Teal represents doubles
Orange represents fly outs

As you can see all Solarte's Yankee Stadium home runs also go out in PETCO. Also all of Solarte's doubles in New York are likely extra base hits in San Diego as well and conceivably one of them may go out with optimal weather conditions at his back. Interestingly enough one of Solarte's fly outs are well out of San Diego and a couple others are near the warning track. Solarte is an extra base hitter and a line drive hitter and he may actually benefit from playing in PETCO.

One thing is for sure Solarte will definitely benefit from playing everyday and I am glad for him, he needs that and deserves every shot he can get to stick in the majors. He works hard and he plays the game the right way and the game needs more players like that. Good luck in San Diego Yangervis, this isn't goodbye.

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