Monday, July 21, 2014

The Daily HALF Dozen - July 21, 2014

(Twelve Six Takeaways from Tonight's Game - July 21st, 2014)

1. Shane Greene couldn't get past the 6th inning tonight.  It was bound to happen at some point because this season doesn't appear to have storybook endings.  He gave up 4 earned runs in 5-2/3 innings to "bloat" his ERA to 2.79 and had three errors.  Lucky for him, none of those errors cost him a run.  But one by Roberts in 3rd did to temporarily tie the game at 1 apiece.  He got the first two outs in the 6th and then couldn't get anyone else out giving up a single, walk, and game-tying single.  Of course he then got "Thorntoned" out of 2 more runs.
He may be a spy...just saying... (Source: CBS Sports)

2. Texas came into this game losing 16 of 18 games.  Of course the worst team in baseball would double up the Yankees by the time I got home from softball and mowed the lawn.  No 2-1 lead is ever safe with the Bronx Bombless!

3. Kelly Johnson proved tonight that Mark Teixeira has definitely won Derek Jeter two Gold Gloves.  Johnson pulled his foot on a low throw from Jeter in the 7th inning that Teix would have easily had.

4. FIVE ERRORS!?!  You have got to be freaking kidding me.  The Yankees had as many errors as hits.  The last time they had this many errors was on 7-7-07.  Not a very lucky number for them if you ask me.

Tell him what he's won Bob!  Another loss to a Cellar Dweller!

5. Jacoby Ellsbury continues on his latest tear.  With a 2 for 4 performance tonight including his 8th home run, the center fielder for the Yanks got his average up to .291 and knocked in his 46th RBI.  These aren't world-beater numbers but on an anemic offense like this one, they sure look it.  He also now has a .777 OPS (wait...there's that 777 again...) surpassing Gardner (.768) and Teixeira (.773) for the team lead.  I would sure love to see someone be in the .900 range...wouldn't you? Like an Adrian Beltre sort of player?
"You there! Brian Cashman! Bring me to the Bronx!"

6. Mikolas had a 10.05 ERA coming into the game.  He left with a 7.48 after only allowing 4 hits in 7-1/3 innings.  The Yankees have ALWAYS had problems with pitchers like this.  It's like a switch goes off in crappy pitchers' minds that says..."Hey! You're in Yankee Stadium...time to show up today!"
" name is Miles Mikolas...I love long walks on the beach,
jazz music, and eating truffles by candlelight..."


  1. CLIFF LEE....vs Giants today. The results :
    IP...5.2 Hits...12 Runs...6 Earned Runs...6 K...3 PC-ST...90-59.

    I'm not smart enough to read anything out of the above, other than his arm did not fall off.

  2. WHO ARE...the new bats, the Yankees are targeting ? And, who gets released / traded / or sent
    back to AAA ?
    Tough question. Have pushed this question often. No answers.

    Does Ichiro get traded ? He is batting over .300, and his defense is above average. Not his fault.
    Solarte has returned to ground zero. Is he a AAAA player ? Could be.
    Growing tired of his weak pop flies. His magic has left the stage.
    Kelly Johnson....he is what you signed. Not his fault.
    Brian Roberts...They had hoped he would play this well. Not his fault.
    Wheeler ? I think that's his name, pleasant man, but a game

    Tough call. You add one, you lose one. Add two...etc.
    Hottest rumor...Rios from Texas ? He changes nothing. A wash.
    I love this trade stuff, but can find nothing any where.

    Sorry, lads...but this offense has had the ebola virus since day one. It is killing the 2014 campaign.

    1. We know where the bats are...try the farm system!

  3. Mikegyro- sickening is the word. I went to bed last night visibly mad, and that takes a lot from me. I am usually pretty calm and collected.

    Patrick- I haven't seen the Yankees linked to any bats, or anyone at all actually. Ichiro is below .300 now and according to his negative WAR on defense. You must be reading a three or four year old scouting report :P

    Rios actually helps a little. He is a significant upgrade over Ichiro with his right handed power. The power hasn't showed it's head much this season but Rios doesn't have much to hit either.

    Ken: A-freaking-men

  4. It is beyond my comprehension why they haven't brought anyone, WITH TALENT, up from the farm!
    My only reasoning could be, they want to wait and see what they can get in a trade before anyone gets moved to the 40 man and than, see what they have left!

  5. Man...and I thought all of these comments were about my HALF DOZEN...sigh


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