Monday, July 21, 2014

Quick Hit: Derek Jeter Day Prices Soar!

Late Friday the New York Yankees announced that Derek Jeter Day would be held at Yankee Stadium on September 7. The Yankees will be facing the Kansas City Royals on this Sunday afternoon. September 7th is not on the day we all believed would be the day Jeter was honored, we all speculated that September 21st would be the day the Yankees said goodbye to Jeter and thanked him for his services. It made sense, September 21st is a game against the Toronto Blue Jays and it was Derek Jeter figurine giveaway day at the stadium (changed to collectible Beanie Buddy night) but we all got fooled.

The last time I checked on Yankees tickets for September 7 they were going for around $139 bucks through our friends at Ticket Monster. At last check these tickets were nearing $500 a seat or more in some places after the announcement. I sent out the tweet to buy now before the prices sky rocketed and boy I wasn't kidding.

Even the cheapest seats in the house were around $15 bucks and now sit well over $200. You have to figure with this being the first day of the NFL season that the market will adjust itself. When it does come to us HERE on the blog to get all your Derek Jeter Day and Yankees tickets needs. We don't charge fees and we don't charge you shipping, the way it should be. 

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