Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yankees Trade Solarte, Pitching Prospect to Padres for Headley

Over the last few years, many Yankees fans have dreamt of the team one day acquiring Padres Third Basemen Chase Headley.

The 30-year-old infielder, who hit .289 and .286 in 2011 and 2012, used to be considered every club's quick fix to their offensive problems, obviously making New Yorkers drool over the possibility of him wearing Pinstripes.

However, in the last two seasons Headley's numbers have decreased significantly, a fact that apparently doesn't bug the Yanks' front office, with YES Network's Jack Curry reporting today that GM Brian Cashman has acquired the veteran and cash in exchange for Yangervis Solarte and Pitching Prospect Rafael De Paula. 

So far in 2014, Headley hasn't been his usual self, batting just .229 with 7 home runs and 32 RBI. 

Still, it's tough to say he and his .329 average in July isn't an upgrade over the struggling Solarte, whose production has practically disappeared in recent months.

As for when Headley will make his debut, Curry also tweeted this afternoon that the Bombers are "hopeful" he'll be able to play tonight, as the Padres are currently in Chicago.

Either way, this deal is an exciting one to see happen, mainly because it'll probably end Kelly Johnson's time in the lineup.


  1. Typical Cashman

    acquiring a guy about two or three years too late AND giving up too much. Whatever

    1. "Too much"? Are you serious? I know you love prospects, but come on. Solarte and DePaula are hardly grade A prospects.

      I like this as this week at as an audition for a possible deal next year. Although ARod could be back.

    2. That is an interesting way of thinking. If Headley hits .300 this year, could he possibly stay for 2015? At third? Short? Second? It'll be fun to see

  2. It's not the fact that I love prospects it's the fact that Headley is a rental. A rental that has not hit well this season and was even called by his own new general manager as "average" defensively. DePaula has more upside than most of the names that we should have included.

    I didn't say I was upset about the deal, DePaula is in A ball and a good three years away, I just think we gave up too much potential and upside in the deal when we didn't have to. If Headley was signed for next year then sure it's a great deal, and it may still be a great deal if you look at his August numbers, but prospect love or not we gave up too much.

    In THIS farm system we lack upside and projectability(I know that's not a real word) and I don't think we should be trading it away for rentals. I never called either player a Grade A prospect.

  3. In a perfect world A Rod would be reduced to a "full-time" DH next season with Headley getting the bulk of the reps at third base. It's worth mentioning though that Headley has played shortstop in college (two knee surgeries ago) and has played left field in the major leagues so Headley could be moved around a lot next season if he came back.

    I could easily see Headley at 1B, RF, DH, or 3B in 2015 if Girardi is his manager.


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