Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yankees, White Sox Discussing John Danks Trade

Brian Cashman has already turned less than stellar players Yangervis Solarte and Vidal Nuno into rentals of Brandon McCarthy and Chase Headley and he may not be done. The White Sox and the Yankees are reportedly talking a trade that would send starting pitcher John Danks to New York. Nothing is imminent but it's exciting that the Yankees are giving this a real shot this season.

Danks is only 29 years old and left handed but had a torn shoulder capsule in 2012 and hasn't pitched well since. His velocity is down since the surgery and has a 4.35 ERA and 4.70 FIP this season in 124 innings. Danks is still owed $35 million through the 2016 season which makes me think the Yankees should stay away. If they make the trade it had better come cheap, even then I might still disagree.

Stay tuned.


  1. If they are going to take on a guy with years left on his contract he better be good. Danks is not that guy.

  2. Agreed. Even if he had one season left I am not sure I want any part of Danks.


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