Friday, August 8, 2014

8/8 Open Yankees Game Thread vs. Cleveland Indians

Welcome to this Friday night open thread for game between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians. The Yankees will host the Indians in the first of three games this weekend at Yankee Stadium before heading back out on the road. The Yankees will send Esmil Rogers to the mound tonight to face off with the Indians Trevor Bauer. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with WFAN.

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It's a Friday night, it's an open thread, and you don't have anything to do. You should leave some comments today. Enjoy the game Yankees family and enjoy the rest of your evening. Go Yankees!


  1. Okay guys, I'm going to go on a rant here. I apologize in advance for any insults or colorful language I might use. I've spent a few years defending Tex for the contract the Yankees gave him. A power hitting, run producing, gold glove winning first baseman doesn't grow on trees. I don't care what his batting average is. And I sincerely hope he reads The Greedy Pinstripes. I'm finally sick and tired of this guy's sore vagina! I'm a mechanic, and have been for twenty years. Having stitches in my fingers is nothing new for me. I've been man enough to suck it up and go make my living the next day. And I use my hands to make my living. Light headedness, stitches, sore muscles, I don't care. Man up and earn the money you're making! Do you think Jeter would sit out for half of what this pussy has sat out for?

  2. Sore vagina, classic. I have been ragging Teixeira for the past few days on Twitter. It's beyond ridiculous how soft he has become. But hey, let's kill Alex Rodriguez for taking steroids, trying to stay on the field, and trying to produce.

    Don't worry though Jeff he was well enough to do Foul Territory today. He also did tee and toss. Couldn't "grip a bat" to take batting practice though. Jeter played like three months with a broken ankle in 2012, that's a man and a Yankee.

  3. That's all I'm trying to say. I don't care if the Yankees have a $300 million payroll. As long as you operate your company in the black, you have a successful product. It doesn't bother me that Tex is making $23 million a season. What bothers me is that he's out of the lineup for 3 stitches. First of all, from my experience, 3 stitches is the equivalent of a paper cut that bleeds. I've had cuts that required 18 stitches because the bone was the only thing holding my finger together. Still went to work the next day.

    1. And you didn't sit on the bench for half of your day either.

    2. Have any of you guys tried to swing a bat with any authority? Tex is a power swinger, without his pinky he will not get bat speed or power....therefor, a wasted AB for him and the team.
      Sitting him was the only option for Joe!

    3. Yes Ken. I've played baseball in my lifetime. I'm sticking to the man up defense. Mark Texiera is a sniveling weakling. What do you need your pinkie finger for anyway? Will Clark used to hang it out in the wind. He hit pretty well without it.

    4. Everyone hits differently Jeff, I hit with my hands separated about 4" and slid one or the other depending where the pitch is. No body hits like that anymore, it worked for me for many many years.
      Most (Power) hitters hit with their hands at the end of the bat, his left hand pinky would be resting on the knob of the bat, therefore creating one hell of a shot of pain all through his hand after one full swing.
      He may not have a very high pain level, I take it you have and I know damn well I do, Daniel...I don't know about him, he's living too soft. LOL!

    5. I played baseball all my life, organized or not. All through high school and until I dropped out of college. I had two pulled groins once and played shortstop, stole bases, etc. I've had finger injuries and while it hurt to grip a bat I got through it. Granted this was not at the major league level but still. The guy bats four times a game, he needs to get over it. It's August, everyone is sore and no one is 100%.

      We're in a playoff race, we need gamers. And Ken, he is a switch hitter so his left pinky would only be clutching the knob when he bats right handed... he's better left handed anyway. Put your big girl panties on and get in the lineup left handed and stop being a puss.

    6. Why take out all these comments as though they are the way I would handle it or think he is right to sit out?
      I am trying to put forth another point of view, just because I would kick his ass out of the dugout doesn't address the problem with him. Look at the beating Cisco took last night, he stayed the course and kept fighting.
      Like I said, some can't handle the pain and some can...he must not be able to or doesn't want to! Hell, he gets paid whichever way he plays it.
      IF I were GM, I would have him on the trading block, as soon as possible...weakness is a cancer within any team, as is special treatment, that is the concept of TEAM!
      I too was a switch hitter, and believe me when I say, getting knocked into left field by a guy coming into 2nd base is not a fun way to play, I still have scars from spikes on my arms...different times different rules.

  4. He has a full no trade clause, you can put him on the block but if he doesn't wanna leave we can't make him.


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