Saturday, August 16, 2014

Chase Whitley Is Still A Yankee & I Don't Know Why

I am beyond frustrated with the Yankees and Joe Girardi's bullpen management lately. What the hell is going on? Going into last night's game Chase Whitley had a 9.43 ERA since the All Star Break but, as much as I personally disliked the guy, we let the Washington Nationals have Matt Thornton for free. What?

Chase Whitley is worn down and well past his innings limit this season, it's obvious to everyone but Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman right now. STOP USING HIM. Demote Whitley and call up that left handed specialist we heard so much about when Thornton was let go.

Bring me Tyler Webb, bring me Jacob Lindgren, bring me Manny Banuelos, bring me Pat Venditte, just for the love of Christ and everything that is holy please stop using Whitley. That is all.


  1. Daniel, tell us how you really feel, would you? LOL
    As Joe and everyone else knows, there were reservations about how long he could go as a starter. He ran down so they took him out of the rotation to use him in the BP...question; WHY? As you pointed out, more than once, he is done for the year! I must concur, next year is another story...he will be fresh and ready to go for the year, in the BP.
    Good Rant, Daniel!

  2. Yes, it's been like that too long. Lindgren has been a beast, a total monster and Banuelos is now or never. Here we are with, not only Whitley, but also Hill? Coach should be irate with Cashman, I would be. The problem with Drew or any other 2B not hitting, bring up Refsnyder for crying out loud. The problem with your offense and McCann getting hurt, try your best offensive threat in Sanchez at DH. ROLL THE DICE!!! You don't want Sanchez to catch, only in emergency, go with his stick at DH. Beltran played RF today, the offense needs an experiment, look for a spark. Ichiro is 40, you have Austin having a great year. Or you go with what hasn't worked and you die with what hasn't worked.
    It's crazy, the perfect definition of crazy is "Doing the same old thing and waiting for a different result." Is Cashman getting high, or what?

    1. I don't even think Brian Cashman watches the games anymore to be honest.

  3. Ichiro, Drew, Hill and Whitley won't be around next year. Unless it's MASH, General Hospital or crash and burn this group won't be around next year. Matter of fact, they won't be around, period. If they are, it'll be a call of how desperate it be. They just won't or shouldn't be around, only Whitley could be around, down below in AAA. Ichiro in a rocking chair, Hill nil and adios to the blues of Drew. Replace this with the youth, energy and presence of your best young talent. It don't work out, at least we tried something different and didn't settle into the old, the nil and the blues.

    1. Whitley will at least be in the bullpen next year I think. I think everyone knows he has struggled due to innings, not because he sucks.

    2. Out of all four of them keep Whitley for bullpen he's useful enough to keep

  4. We need to see if Cashman can walk a straight line, touch the tip of his nose and count to ten.

  5. My line-up and back-up as of call-ups:
    1st Base.-----Tex---------------------Roller
    2nd Base-----Refsnyder------------Prado
    3rd Base------Headley--------------Prado

    Starting Pitchers:
    Pineda---Green---E. Rogers---McCarthy---Kuroda
    Jacob Lindgren
    Tyler Webb*
    Off the top of my head, room for any ideas of anyone else!

  6. Nicole:

    out of the four of them Whitley is the only one with a contract for next season so he's likely to be the only one with a contract for 2015.


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