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The Daily Dozen - August 16, 2014

The Daily Dozen - August 16th, 2014 Edition
(Twelve Takeaways from Today's Game vs. the Devil Rays)

1. The Yankees have had 51 games started this year by a Rookie.  Is there any wonder that they are only 3 games above .500?  In all actuality, they have pitched rather brilliantly and have showed poise under the spotlight.  If only their offense would respond to well pitched games.
"No sweat dude!" (Photo Credit:

2. This game was a very pivotal game for the Yankees.  A win would ensure that they leave New York South with at least a 1 game lead over the Devil Rays.  A loss would put them in a tie with the Devil Rays and likely 9 games behind the Orioles and 5 games out of the 2nd Wild Card spot with only 41 games left to play.  Not good odds.

3. Martin Prado hits a 2-run home run in the 2nd.  This home run was the first hit of the game off of the newly acquired Drew Smyly.  I bet he wasn't "smyling" after that one as he gave up a 2 run lead to the Yankees! (wocka, wocka, wocka!)  Prado's home run was his 7th of the season.
Classic T-Shirt by Kenny Durkin...well played sir!

4. The Yankees only had 3 hits through 5 innings.  Those 3 hits were by the 7-8-9 hitters in the lineup.  I'm not going to say that the heart of the lineup has been bad lately, but...wait...yeah, that's what I'm saying...absolutely not clutch lately.

5. Sigh.  Jacoby Ellsbury's pathetic attempt at a bunt in the 6th inning left my speechless.  Really?  A pop-up to the catcher?  Really?

6. Drew Smyly came over to the Rays in the David Price trade.  Let's take a look at their lines since the deal, shall we?

The top numbers are that of Mr. Smyly.  He is 1-1 with 20 IP, 14 hits, 5 ER, 1 HR, has 19 Ks, and has pitched over 100 pitches in each game.  The bottom numbers are Mr. Price's.  He is currently pitching through 2 innings tonight against Seattle and hasn't given up a run, but in the first 2 games for the Tigers he has 0 decisions, has pitched 14.2 innings, given up 13 hits, 7 ER, 3 HRs, has 16 Ks, and has pitched 112 pitches in each game.  What an even swap, huh?

7. Evan Longoria has 26 home runs against the Yankees since 2008.  That is the most in the majors.  He also leads the majors with 74 RBI in that span against the Yankees.  Good thing he didn't add to those stats in tonight's game!

8. The Rays have left more men on base than any other team in baseball.  At least that's what I heard during the Fox Sports 1 broadcast.  By the eye test, I would have said that the Yankees led easily in that category.  According to the Yankees are actually right in the middle of the pack in LOB with 14.38 per game.  The Devil Rays have left 15.48 per game, by far the most in the majors.
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9. Singles, singles, singles.  No, it's not an advertisment for hits got to Shane Greene in the 6th inning as his fastball started coming up in the zone (i.e. not sinking anymore) at around 80 pitches thrown. He left the game in the 7th after his defense failed him at 102 pitches and 10 strikeouts (a career high).  Shane Greene definitely deserved to win this game!

10. I hate the defensive shift.  What I can't stand even more is that the hitters haven't adjusted to the shift yet.  As of tonight's game the following teams had used the shift the most in the majors:  Houston Astros - 1288 shifts, New York Yankees - 851, Tampa Bay Devil Rays - 659.  Joe Madden...this is all your fault!

11. Did anyone see Yunel Escobar's face when Betances unleashed his slider?  I mean what do you do when you are getting pounded by 99 mph fastballs and then he sends an 84 mph slider in there?  This is what you do...
"Are you freaking kidding me...?"

12. Guess who has the most hits versus the Devil Rays all-time?  You guessed it El Capitan, Mr. Derek #Re2pect Jeter!  With his game winning RBI single in the 9th he now has 315 hits.  The next closest you ask? Alex Rodriguez with 212, followed by Ortiz (208), Damon (198), and Cano (188).

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