Thursday, August 28, 2014

Discussing a Stephen Drew Contract for 2015

This week we’ve already discussed contracts for next season for Chase Headley and Brandon McCarthy so it’s only right that Stephen Drew be next. I want to start off by reiterating that this is not what I personally would give Drew or would want to give Drew, this is what I believe the Yankees will give Drew. If it were up to me I wouldn’t give Drew anything but a handshake and a “it’s not you, it’s me” goodbye.

Drew is making a prorated salary that equates to his qualifying offer that he turned down this winter of $14.1 million. With some rough math, actually no math and heavy sarcasm, Drew has made about a million bucks per hit this season as he is hitting well below the dreaded Mendoza line. Drew’s only saving grace is his defense.

The Yankees are going to have a hole to fill, and big shoes, at shortstop next season when Derek Jeter retires and shortstop is a position that Drew has played well defensively his whole career. If Drew could hit closer to his normal career numbers, around .250 with 20 home runs, he could fill in as a stop gap at shortstop for the 2015 season but no longer in my opinion.

If Drew turned down a qualifying offer last season I find it highly unlikely that he would want to play for less than what he is making this season. Drew would sign a one year deal presumably after a less than stellar 2014 season and would likely command somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million - $12 million in salary.

The shortstop market this winter doesn’t have any glaringly obvious candidates besides maybe JJ Hardy on a short term contract so Drew may stumble his way back into the Bronx in 2015. I guess I could live with a one year deal with Drew and a reasonable salary and hope and pray that a full workout, spring training, etc. can help him turn things around but I cannot say I am optimistic about that. 

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  1. You're absolutely right about Drew's contract expectations, especially with Boras being his agent. He will definitely want a "pillow contract" to rebuild his value. The only other shortstop I see the Yankees getting is Hardy. He'll probably be looking for 4 years in the $50-60 million range though. As well as having draft pick compensation attached to him. I don't want to see them throw big money at someone like Hanley Ramirez, and I don't think we have enough to trade for Tulo. Drew might actually be our best stopgap.


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