Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Long Going into Series Against Astros: "We Have to Make a Move"

Since the Astros currently hold MLB's third-worst record, it's obvious to us all that the Yankees have to beat them in this week's series in the Bronx. 

No, that shouldn't be too hard, as Houston is just 23-37 on the road this season and 51-73 overall.

Nonetheless, considering Houston is in fact a professional team the Yanks will have to try if they are to win the upcoming three game set, a feat their hitting coach, Kevin Long, stressed in an article published earlier today by the NYDN's Mark Feinsand.

“We have to make a move here,” the heavily-criticized Long said. “We always talk about winning series, but I’d like to get a little greedy and put it on (the Astros or the White Sox). We have to play well to do that."

In the trio of contests, interestingly, New York appears to hold a huge advantage in terms of pitching matchups, with their relatively-strong group of Chris Capuano, Michael Pineda, and Brandon McCarthy going up against Houston's Brett Olberholtzer, Scott Feldman, and Dallas Keuchel.

Still, because the Yankees have had a tendency to underachieve at home this year some skepticism in this situation would be healthy, as the Yanks have only won half of their 58 Yankee Stadium-based games so far in 2014.


  1. Kevin Long saying we have to make a move? That's hilarious. Let's call a spade a spade. Beltran, McCann, and Ellsbury were our big free agent signings. All of them are hitting well below their career norms. All were expected to improve based on New York's "short porch". All have disappointed. Maybe it's time for Kevin Long to place his head on the chopping block. I would like somebody to find me one player who has come to New York and flourish under his tutelage.

    1. Before I give you the guy's name I want you to know that I agree. From the GM through the coaches I'd like to see the team go through a reboot. The game is changing.

      But here goes... Curtis Granderson.

    2. Not arguing, because Granderson's homerun total did soar in New York, but check out these numbers.
      Detroit (6 years): .272/.344/.484/.828
      NY (4 years): .245/.335/.495/.829
      Drastically reduced batting average, and nearly identical production. One could almost say he hit his prime and those doubles and triples he was hitting in Detroit became home runs in New York. All Kevin Long did was drop his average and teach him how to strikeout more. Just saying.

    3. Plus, Detroit is a monster sized park compared to New York.

  2. Kevin Long needs to do his damn job and shut his damn mouth or start packing. So frustrated with this team right now it's not even funny.


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