Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nick's Picks 2.0: Astros VS Yankees 8/20/14

Well last night was frustrating, simply frustrating. Picks were looking good up until the end. I mean, could anyone have predicted Mr. Golden Sombrero hitting a three-run shot to win it? That was a poor excuse of a game and pretty much sums up this season and this team. Close but no cigar. I toggled with skipping this post just because my emergence brought back another loss, so sue me. Looking at the game tonight I had no choice but to write, that is what writers are born to do, right? I only wish that the next couple games are just like the ones finishing up the Rays series, and hopefully we gain back some of the ground we lost in the playoff races.

Tonight we look to Michael Pineda to get things rolling, and lord knows we need it. I hope someone in the lineup remembers to hit tonight, and the bullpen remembers that the season is not over yet. I feel so much anger and sadness for this team. All I want is a string of victories, and a strong push to make it more enjoyable than this roller coaster ride we are forced on. The Astros will counter with shaky right-hander Scott Feldman who with out luck will probably throw a no hitter tonight. Not a pick people! (If it happens though you heard it here first, unfortunately).

Pitching performance to watch: Well the bullpen is out. I think it will be a long while before I go back to them, at least as a whole. Watch for Pineda to deal some crazy numbers out tonight. I see him pitching longer into the game, and maybe shutting down the Astros through 6 2/3 innings with oh, nine strikeouts. Pineda is going to put on a dazzling display with his pitches, let's just hope we hit.

Break-out hitter: I have one word for that. Ichiro! The old man might have lost a step or four, but tonight he is going to provide some much needed offense from the least likeliest of sources. Ichiro is going to go 2-3 tonight with a walk, a single, and a big blast. Yes, Ichiro will make some lucky contact and bring in three RBI's on the night.

Simply Clutch: Stephen Drew, oh how I would love for you to figure out how to play again. With a start at shortstop tonight, Drew is going to make some very nifty plays on the field and also help with the bat tonight. Watch and see him get on base and score a few runs if not drive in one. Drew, tonight is your night to shine.

Yankee Universe can I get an Amen? Amen! Okay, I'll do it on your behalf, but seriously we need some sort of miracle/prayer to aide us through the rest of this season. At least nothing I have tried is doing the trick. Tonight I predict a nice win of 5-0. A simple shutout after a horrendous loss. Let's go Yankees! Remember YCPB!

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