Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If Brian Cashman Isn’t Already Calling the Texas Rangers He Should Be

If Brian Cashman hasn’t already made the phone call to the Texas Rangers about a potential trade then maybe he should be because his job is likely depending on it. The Rangers recently announced that ace starting pitcher Yu Darvish, third baseman Adrian Beltre, shortstop Elvis Andrus, and Shin-Soo Choo all cleared waivers and can be traded to any team for the rest of the season. Also by the end of the week Neal Cotts is likely to have cleared as well which begs the question, does Brian Cashman have one more blockbuster in him that may potentially save his job?

The biggest obstacle in any potential trade is that the Rangers think they can and plan to contend in 2015 with ¾ of the team back healthy next season. The Rangers are unlikely to want to unload any of the aforementioned players except for maybe Cotts. Cotts would be a nice rental for New York but would not be enough to push the team over the edge. Beltre would be a nice addition and is definitely a bat you make room for but would not be as high on the priority list in my book as a Choo or an Andrus would be. Choo would bring a ton of on base percentage to the team and give Joe Girardi three options to play center field at any given day. The Yankees may have the best outfield defense in all of baseball with the addition of Choo. Andrus could easily be the shortstop of the future replacing Derek Jeter next season and replacing Stephen Drew at second base for this season.

It is probably a pipe dream for any of these players to come to New York but the rotation would be scary good again with a healthy Michael Pineda, Masahiro Tanaka, and Yu Darvish to join Hiroki Kuroda, Brandon McCarthy, and Shane Greene. The infield defense would shine with the addition of Andrus and the offense may finally get the jolt it needs with any of Choo or Beltre. It’s unlikely but Cashman better be on the phones now because once again, his job more than likely depends on it. 


  1. Like you said in the beginning, I doubt Texas gives up anything the Yankees would want without getting a ton in return.

  2. ELLIJAY & ZAC BROWN....this came to you in another dream ?
    I don't see any of this happening. Puff ! ...there goes our farm system, and the team has
    to absorb hefty contracts. I can not see Tampa giving the OK to Cashman, to do any
    of this.

    Try this...Like a Boston John Lester thing........if the Yanks play 50% , or less, the next week,
    or so, I would trade David Robertson ( with a wink, and a nod ) one of the front runners. To a
    team that is ever so close.

    Who knows what you may be able to bring back....perhaps something special?

    Bring up the young arms to finish out, and try to resign Robertson this winter.
    Boston would have made this trade already.

    Zac Brown....
    " Toes in the water. Ass in the sand. Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand. "

  3. I am more than willing to trade the farm for a Yu Darvish or an Elvis Andrus or both... I have zero issues with that. We're not trading the farm for Cliff Lee and Jimmy Rollins here. Both are young and controllable. That's the difference between taking on massive contracts and taking on massive contracts that the players won't live long enough to live up to.

    I have no issue trading Robertson, especially with a back room agreement to see him again in November. None at all. Won't happen though. Cashman doesn't have the balls.


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