Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2015 Yankees Fact or Fiction: Free Agency

I thought we would have a little fun this morning and play a little fact or fiction regarding the 2015 Yankees and free agency. In this post we will focus on the players currently wearing pinstripes and discuss whether they will be returning for the 2015 season on a new contract. This is all for fun and obviously a lot can happen between now and then so let’s please remember this post was made in a bubble and a perfect world on paper. Enjoy.

Chase Headley – Fact
This seems like the only no-brainer to me. Sure Alex Rodriguez will be back in spirit in 2015 but how many really expect him to contribute and be able to play third base every day? Alex is entering his age 40 season and will have spent basically two seasons on the shelf with injuries and suspensions. That’s not exactly a great recipe for success but the worst part about it is he still may be the best right handed batter in the organization right now.

Brandon McCarthy – Fiction

If this was Fact, Fiction, or Push I would have definitely pushed because I am not 100% sold either way. Part of me, the greedy part, expects the Yankees to be in on Jon Lester, Max Scherzer, and/or James Shields this offseason. The other part of me expects New York to be fiscally responsible, if there is such a thing with a $200 million payroll, once again and scrape the bottom of the barrel. If New York were to find some more cash and go after high priced pitching then McCarthy will not wear pinstripes in 2015, if they don’t then I can see him coming back. It is also worth mentioning that McCarthy was very vocal about Alex Rodriguez last season with his steroid allegations and didn’t exactly express a willingness to be his teammate.

Stephen Drew – Fiction

I think Drew needs to go away and go away now. Drew has been a defensive upgrade over Brian Roberts but has somehow managed to downgrade the team offensively. While Drew may be the best option at shortstop to replace Derek Jeter currently on the roster I can see the Yankees doing what the Yankees do and go after the veteran JJ Hardy from Baltimore who is also a free agent at season’s end.

Ichiro Suzuki – Fiction

The Yankees signed Ichiro hoping he could keep up his 200 hit per season production and approach the 3,000 hit milestone in the major leagues with the Yankees. That obviously did not happen and with Ichiro a little under 200 hits away I cannot see New York taking a chance once again on a man on the wrong side of 40 years old. The Ichiro era was fun but it’s time to clear the way for Tyler Austin, Jose Pirela, Robert Refsnyder, Zoilo Almonte, or whoever else may come through the system.

Chris Capuano – Fiction

Lord, please no. We got the best we could have hoped for out of Capuano now he can leave. There is no such thing as a bad minor league deal but there is such a thing as holding onto a player too long. Please send Capuano back to Boston. That is all.


  1. I would love to see them sign Headly, I just don't see it happening. After spending what they did last year, I foresee a cheap spending spree this year. I think shortstop will be the only hole they fill.

  2. With Prado around it's tough for me to say that Headley will be back, but with holes all over the infield I can certainly see it happening. It really depends on what the team believes ARod can do.

    -If they think ARod can spend the majority of the time at 3B, and they want him back, then Chase is gone for sure.
    -If they think ARod will have to DH more often, then there's a question. Prado can spend the most time at 3B, and Beltran can be in RF most of the time. That brings up another question... how healthy will Beltran be?
    -If they decide to release ARod (and yes... they'd still have to pay him), then Headley will be back for sure.

    Then what about kids like Refsnyder? Because if him or somebody like Pirela aren't ready, or the team doesn't believe they can play 2B, then Prado could be put there while Beltran is a DH and ARod is at 3B. Or, if that's the case, Prado could again play 2B while Beltran is in RF and ARod is the DH, meaning Headley is needed at 3B.

    The possibilities are almost endless, making it really hard to predict.

    1. And I didn't mention the fact that Headley could be used as a backup 1B, making him more valuable to the team since Teixeira is rarely healthy anymore.

    2. They could always move Arod to ss and sign Headly to play 3rd. Have Prado play 2nd and Tex play 1st (of coarse)

    3. Also have gardner and ellsbury play LF and center with beltran playing RF or DHing leaving Prado to go back to RF and bringing up Refsnyder to play 2nd.

    4. But they could also sign players which wouldnt hurt and could boost up the average of the team! But if they go with the other things i said, signing Nelson Cruz (probably unlikely) to play DH or RF could help with Beltran when he cant play the outfield anymore and/or switching with Cruz every few days to play RF or DH.

    5. Our 3rd basemens days at SS are long gone, with his hip problems and age, we would end up with what we have on defense now. And that ain't good.

      40 year olds at SS are not that good anymore, it's that age thing!

    6. Thats true but he vould blow everyones mind and be the key to the team, you never know.

    7. It could, you're right. But a steroid suspension would likely to follow it lol

    8. Lol but he was pretty good last year

  3. Headley is not exactly going to be asking for much money realistically after the last two seasons though is he? He isn't on his way to a $100 million plus contract anymore...

    Chase gives you a legit backup at third base (assuming A Rod plays every day and is not the DH) and also has played extremely well at first base in limited action. He was a shortstop in college and has played the outfield in the majors. Plus he is a switch hitter.

    The team would be stupid NOT to bring him back if the contract is reasonable.

    1. I tend to agree with you, but there are so many "what ifs" in regards to guys like Beltran, Prado, ARod, and youngsters like Refsnyder that I can't go too much one way or the other.

  4. You can plan for what if's with depth signings though and versatility... Headley is that. Prado is that.

  5. ARod has had both hips surgically repaired, if you think Jeter has bad range at shortstop wait till you see A Rod Nicole. Would be terrible I would think.

    I do agree with the Nelson Cruz signing though, even though he has come back down to Earth recently. His right handed bat helps the lineup. So would Refsnyder though...


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