Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Cry For Homegrown Talent May Be Ill Advised: 2000

Another season and another World Series for the New York Yankees in the year 2000. This would be the last World Series the Yankees would win for nine more seasons after a couple heartbreaking losses in 2001 and 2003. Will this Yankees team be any different in the homegrown players department or will it be more of the same? Spoiler alert, it's going to be more of the same. Let's look:

Infield looks awfully familiar with Tino Martinez at first, Knoblauch at second, Brosius at third, Yankee farm hands Derek Jeter at shortstop and Jorge Posada behind the plate, and Jose Canseco(Athletics, Devil Rays) and Glenallen Hill (Cubs) getting the bulk of the DH time. Jim Leyritz did get some time as the designated hitter before Canseco was acquired dumped on the team.

The outfield was a mess in 2000 before the Yankees acquired David Justice from the Cleveland Indians to finish the year as their every day left fielder. The Yankees had their locks at center field with Bernie Williams and Paul O'Neill in right field but left field was a mess. Clay Bellinger (Yankees), Lance Johnson (White Sox and Cubs), Felix Jose (Royals and Cardinals), Roberto Kelly (Yankees from 87-92), Ricky Ledee (Yankees), Luis Polonia (Angels), Shane Spencer, and Ryan Thompson (Mets) all spent time in left field.

The pitching staff didn't get much of an upgrade in 2000 over the 1999 team. Roger Clemens, Orlando Hernandez, David Cone, and Andy Pettitte were all there and they were joined by former Colorado Rockies and Atlanta Braves right hander David Cone.

The bullpen looked similar as well with mainstays Mike Stanton, Jeff Nelson, Jason Grimsley and Mariano Rivera getting the bulk of the calls from Joe Torre. The new guy this season was Randy Choate as he burst from the Yankees system to help out of the bullpen along with Ramiro Mendoza.

The Yankees used more and more homegrown talent in the bullpen but still relied on trades and free agency to collect their fourth World Series title in five seasons. Joe Torre, Tino Martinez, Paul O'Neill, Bernie Williams, Scott Brosius, Chuck Knoblauch, and Jim Leyritz among others would never see another World Series in Yankees pinstripes.


  1. Judging only by stats and what's read, I see good in the Yankees minor league talent. There's talent we don't even know from the international pool talent the organization raked heavily in signing. Most top talent signed will give dividends and than there's the drafted, some ready to explode onto the scene and only waiting for the opportunity. Those that say the Yanks are weak in talent, stay tuned, like this year. Mariano is history, but who would had taught Betances would explode into the scene, like he has? Injuries have derailed the team, four startes hurt is too much, but the Yankees are still in it in part to Green, Phelps, Warren, Betances and even innings from Whitney. These are youngsters from the minors that are taking off. To follow should be Lindgran, Mitchell, Banuelas, Severino (ranked 1) and Clarkin (ranked 4). This is 10 deep and still gets better with the trade of Montero for Pineda, the Yanks has a young pitcher that when pitching looks everything an ace. Add Tanaka and its 12 deep. Sign an ace in the off season and it's 13 young and/or up and coming. I think the Yankees has a great pitching development in large, due to the minors. 14 with Nova returning, next year. Don't believe the Yanks has a poor minors, it has helped to keep us in it with all the injuries. Would help more if Lindgran, Banuelos and Mitchell get the call.

  2. The position players are the same to me, very good talent. Right now I like what the healthy Austin is accomplishing this year. I'd replace Ichiro with him. but the most impressive OF talent might be Judge (5th ranked). Catching is the deepest with Sanchez and JR Murphy. 3B, I also consider deep with jagielo and Bichette JR bouncing back. Who hasn't heard of Refsnyder being ready for 2B and SS has a stud called Jeter-like in the rookie leagues far away still. Jeter will leave a devastating hole, but who hasn't heard of Troy Tulowitzski and possibilities. The Yanks will need to cover SS next season, forget Drew. Bird is on first and talk of Austin there too. These are the talents I see as most accomplished and with a shot to make it, coming soon. Then there's the international talent pool the team raked. I like it, we should be good, I don't listen to those that claim the Yanks are in trouble due lack of talent.

  3. I just want to point out that I had Betances exploding onto the scene like he had last season, he just didn't get a legit shot to. I had that one lol.

    1. Your pick was right on Daniel, no one can say you were not on to him. Most fans thought all three would make it, then gave up on them. I was wrong to give-up on them wrong!
      What is your thoughts of getting Tulo this off year? It would take a lot, but we do have a lot to sell. Other than about three, maybe four players, I think we have chips now! We will have our 3rd baseman back next year (unless, as some say, he quits or is bought out), and IF healthy and in playing shape, could give us .300 and 25+/- HRs. He only needs 60 HRs to pass Babe Ruth and 99 hits to join the 3,000 hit club. He has a lot to prove, to the team and himself, can he do it without the drugs and at his age...I think the talent is there he has to clean-up his style of hitting that's all...he isn't 30 anymore, that high leg left worked back then, but not good anymore.
      Just a thought, what say you!

  4. I think Patrick will back me up when I say I had picked the "Kiddie Korp", to come on and make it in the Big Show way back in '05 or '06 one or the other. They were Joba, IPK, Phil Hughes, Melky, Brett and Cisco! I named them "The Kiddie Korp" they have all done done it in the majors!
    I was hoping the "Killer Bees" would do the same, two of them are still working at it and coming along just fine.
    Now we need an infusion of young guns again, could they be among; Roller, Refsnyder, Pirela,, Austin, Bird, Severino, Jagielo, Judge, and our favorite pitcher Venditte!
    Hell, there are more, I can't think of their names at the moment. Not all of them will ever make we all know...but if we can just get two or three out of them, that would free up money for a big time player once in a while.
    As I haven't seen any of them except for Severino (whom I really like), but from the reports they all have talent, we just have to give them a chance to show it off at the top of the world, or fail!

    I, patrick ( always with a small...p, please )...hereby swear, and back-up Ken R. Reed, that
    he coined the Kiddie Korp, approx 8-9 years ago.

    Now he wants another infusion of youth, but not knowing all the names means nothing.
    He wants what is best for this team, and for the most part I agree with his NY backwoods
    way of thinking, while he destroys the English language.

    To conclude my summation...Ken Reed, is a stand-up guy. Who tricked his beautiful wife
    into marrying him. Yes, I do back him up.

  6. Ken

    I think we all worried about Brackman a little after the team gave him a professional contract and 40 man roster spot right out of the gates. Dude had enough pressure and all that on him and it didn't help by compounding the issue with a 40 man roster spot and starting his six year clock. Brackman was doomed from the start.

    And I'll admit I was a big Melky over Brett supporter. Even I get one wrong every once in a while :P good work Reed.

    Teach me that trick Reed.... Scarlett Johannsen is still young enough to matter :)

    1. Daniel, it is called Zen (I have no idea how to spell it)! I wanted Brett over Melky, but I really wanted Brett over Johnny D, and keep Melky. Back in those years, Melky had a problem with keeping himself in baseball shape, the talent was there!


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