Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hiroki Kuroda Not Skipped After All, Blame Girardi

Here on the blog we were excited to learn the news that starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda was skipped this week due to a rain out in Baltimore but just 24 hours later that is no longer the case. Yesterday we praised Girardi for skipping Kuroda so I guess we have to blame him today, no?

 Kuroda will start Sunday in Tampa Bay and will essentially replace Chris Capuano. No reason has been given for the move as of yet but the only reasoning that makes sense is that the Yankees feel like they have a better shot to win on Sunday with Kuroda. The Yankees need all the victories they can get at this point, especially in a stadium down in St. Pete that the team has consistently struggled in, so if that's the reasoning then I can get behind that.

I don't necessarily agree with the fact that Kuroda should pitch Sunday or that he would be a better option than the more than adequate Capuano but I could be wrong. There is no word on whether Capuano will start Tuesday and everyone get an extra day or if he has been skipped so stay tuned.

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