Sunday, August 10, 2014

Yankees' Bats Stay Silent in Second Straight Loss to Indians

Hiroki Kuroda limped through 4 2/3 innings of three-run ball and New York's bats didn't get a hit from frames 3-6 today as the Indians easily beat the Yankees, 4-1, in the rubber game of this weekend series. 

Overall in this afternoon's contest, as expected, Kuroda was actually hanging in there, only surrendering a pair through Cleveland's first four at-bats when Michael Brantley grounded one down the left field line and flew out to deep right.

Nonetheless, in the top of the fifth #18 absolutely collapsed, allowing two singles and two walks to make it 3-0, essentially killing the Yanks' last remaining hope.

Yes, after Kuroda exited the bullpen, led by the trio of David Huff, Shawn Kelley, and youngster Bryan Mitchell (who threw 2 scoreless innings in his MLB debut) did alright, giving up just one more trip around the bases while recording the last thirteen outs.

Still, since Indians' starter Carlos Carrasco tossed five shutout frames in which the Yankees never reached third and the offense only collected five hits on the day New York did eventually fall, with Jacoby Ellsbury supplying them with their only run on a solo shot in the bottom of the ninth.


  1. COWGIRLS..........
    Refsnyder...2 for 3 today. That's why I'm begining to think that Rufsney not required.

  2. Sorry...I had to bring in sausages, from the grill.
    My uncompleted thought was left out there, regarding Refsnyder
    If Refsnyder is thrown under the bus, because of a big money signing with Castillo, that would
    bother me.
    The sausages are terrific, what would you expect ?

  3. WE ARE NOW SIX OUT ?......still dealing with a ebola like offense.
    The light is flickering. Time for another reality check.

  4. ROCKET, I'm a short timer at the pinstripes tonight.
    The beach, the sun, and the risque women have worn me down today.
    These sausages were cooked over for any ?

  5. Patrick, young man...have a beer with them!
    I live out near the lake with nobody in sight...until last year...give or take a year or two!
    I have three young lady's living down the road from me running around in as little as they want, out by the pool. Nice kids, would you believe their Mom and Dad built the house for them?

  6. You bring in Rusney to play 2nd base this season and split time with Carlos Beltran in RF next season. You give Girardi plenty of options to mix and match and give everyone their much needed days off.

    While you were eating sausages I was eating $7 hot dogs and drinking $8 cokes at the ball park in Turner Field. What a crock, me and a four year old ate over $100 bucks worth of food and I didn't even drink alcohol.

    Six out of the East, much closer in the wild card. Go for the Wild Card and hope a McCarthy can win us that one game playoff and roll the dice in the ALDS with Greene, Kuroda, etc.

  7. Even with a hot start from Rusney and having Pineda and Tank back to full strength the chances are slim to slimmer of making the play-offs let alone winning the play-offs!
    Then again, they said we had NO chance against the Braves in 1996 and we beat them 4-2, remember?
    Strange things happen in the game of baseball...let us hope, this is one of those great come-backs for the team.

  8. We're only like a game out of the wild card I don't understand the doom and gloom about the playoffs going on around here....


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