Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yankees Call Up Zelous Wheeler, Demote Chase Whitley

The New York Yankees have called up Zelous Wheeler for an extra player on the bench and have sent Chase Whitley down to Triple-A. The Yankees have been going with a short bench in recent weeks and Whitley has been struggling coming out of the bullpen so the move makes some sense. Considering that Beltran’s elbow is barking again it also makes sense to have a guy that can play both in the infield and the outfield like Wheeler can.

I am somewhat surprised that the Yankees didn’t call up the other “Z man” Zoilo Almonte to help replace Beltran but Wheeler is more versatile and flexible than Almonte is. 

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  1. The Great Zelous Wheeler has returned to the circus. He now looks like he has been
    on Wendy's fries.
    We have seen Zelous' magic act before. Why again ?
    Please turn the page, on this mid level call-up.


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